How To Do A Greek Hairstyle?

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How To Do A Greek Hairstyle?
How To Do A Greek Hairstyle?

Video: How To Do A Greek Hairstyle?

Video: How To Do A Greek Hairstyle?
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With the onset of summer, the hairstyle in the style of the Greek goddesses is becoming the most popular. On the one hand, the hair is neatly pulled up, so it won't be hot with such a hairstyle, but on the other hand, it looks very beautiful and feminine.

How to do a Greek hairstyle?
How to do a Greek hairstyle?


Step 1

For well-combed hair, you need to wear a circular elastic band or headband. With an elastic band it will be easier to do your hair, as it holds the hair well and stretches.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that how the hairstyle will look will depend on the appearance of the auxiliary element. On weekdays, it is best to use a simple solid color bezel. For an evening dress, a shiny ribbon or headband decorated with beads or rhinestones is perfect.

Step 2

It is necessary to separate the side strands of medium thickness on each side, twist them slightly and tuck them under the rim towards the middle of the back of the head.

In order to prevent the hairstyle from falling apart, it is best to do it on slightly damp hair. As a last resort, you can apply mousse or styling foam to your hair.

Hair should be tucked in such a way that it does not peek out or stick out, otherwise the hairstyle will look sloppy.

If the hair is short, then you can use invisibility to fix the protruding hair.

Step 3

After that, in turn, you need to take a lock on each side and tuck it under the bezel, wrapping it around it several times (this is good when the hair is long). Hide the ends of the strands under the rim. The hardest part is hiding the last strand of hair.

From above, the hairstyle must be fixed with varnish. As a decoration, you can use hairpins in the form of flowers, which will give your image a certain romantic touch.

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