How To Choose Powder For Problem Skin

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How To Choose Powder For Problem Skin
How To Choose Powder For Problem Skin

There are increased requirements for powder for problem skin. It should ideally hide imperfections in the skin, give it a healthy look, hide irregularities, while not clogging pores and allowing the skin to breathe. 5606 5606


Step 1

First of all, mineral powder should appear in the cosmetic bag of any girl with skin problems. It perfectly masks any redness, inflammation, age spots, acne scars and acne. In addition, it makes the skin matte and smooth. Due to the fact that zinc is present among the minerals in the composition, such a powder remarkably fights against all skin problems, but at the same time does not clog the pores. All minerals in such a powder are very carefully processed, which allows them not to lose their healing properties.

Step 2

This powder is absolutely safe for the skin. Conventional powders mask blemishes with dyes, allergenic fragrances and chemicals; mineral powders do this through the natural properties of minerals. This type of powder can be found both in the mass market and in luxury cosmetics. It is very important to pay attention to the composition of the mineral powder when buying in order to avoid purchasing a low-quality product. Experts recommend purchasing a pharmacy, professional or elite mineral powder.

Step 3

This product can be produced both in crumbly and compact form. The latter option, of course, is much more convenient, but in some cases, too hard particles of compact powder can irritate and injure the epidermis, so for problem skin it is much better to choose loose powder.

Step 4

The mineral-based loose powder contains natural kaolin, calcium carbonate, ground silk, nourishing collagens, talc and light oils. This composition allows loose powder to perfectly mask even the most noticeable skin imperfections. It should be noted that mineral powder not only smoothes skin irregularities, but also cares for it, protects it from ultraviolet rays and other aggressive environmental influences. The composition of mineral powder necessarily includes extracts from herbs, thanks to which this remedy can suspend inflammatory processes and even relieve irritation.

Step 5

Owners of skin with severe acne should pay attention to a special mineral powder, which contains anti-inflammatory additives. This will allow not only to mask the problems, but also to deal with them.

Step 6

The best way to apply powder to problem skin is to use brushes (and wash them after each use) or disposable tampons. The puff collects skin secretions on its surface, which makes it not a very good option.

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