How To Care For Your Lips (6 Tips)

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How To Care For Your Lips (6 Tips)
How To Care For Your Lips (6 Tips)

Video: How To Care For Your Lips (6 Tips)

Video: How To Care For Your Lips (6 Tips)
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Worried about flaky, chapped lips? This nuisance is familiar to almost everyone. And if decorative lipstick is also applied to such lips, the sight turns out to be rather unpleasant.

The thin and delicate skin of the lips needs daily care. It is enough to follow simple rules so that the lips are always well-groomed.

How to care for your lips (6 tips)
How to care for your lips (6 tips)


Step 1

Clean your lips before bed. During the day, a large amount of dust and dirt particles accumulates on the skin of the lips. It is not advisable to use soap to cleanse the lips; you need to use a mild cleanser (for example, eye cleaner). To cleanse, apply the product to a cotton swab or sponge, then gently remove lipstick, dust and dirt from your lips.

Step 2

To keep your lips soft at all times, use an exfoliating peel. But remember that the exfoliation must be delicate; you cannot use a peel intended for the skin of the face. Lip peels can include shea butter, sugar crystals, vitamin C, etc.

Step 3

The lips also need nourishment. Use lip masks several times a week. You can use homemade masks, for example, natural honey. Apply honey to your lips, and after a few minutes, lick it off with your tongue. Delicious lip and health benefits.

Step 4

Protect your lips from negative environmental influences. When purchasing a lipstick, choose one that has sun protection factor. Use moisturizing lip balms with vitamins E, B, various oils. Moistened lips always look fuller and more well-groomed.

Step 5

To add volume to your lips, use lipsticks that contain substances that improve blood circulation: cinnamon, pepper, ginger. And lipstick with collagen will help smooth out fine wrinkles.

Step 6

Massage your lips before going to bed to improve circulation and nutrition. You can massage with a soft toothbrush. The skin of the lips after such a massage will become soft, and the blood flow will give the effect of volume.

Such well-groomed lips will certainly want to kiss.