The Use Of Sage Essential Oil For Nails, Hands, Skin

The Use Of Sage Essential Oil For Nails, Hands, Skin
The Use Of Sage Essential Oil For Nails, Hands, Skin

Video: The Use Of Sage Essential Oil For Nails, Hands, Skin

Video: The Use Of Sage Essential Oil For Nails, Hands, Skin
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Vegetable essential oils contain more than 500 useful components and are successfully used in herbal medicine, traditional medicine and cosmetology.

The use of sage essential oil for nails, hands, skin
The use of sage essential oil for nails, hands, skin

Translated from Latin, sage means "salvation" and it is not without reason that the plant has such a name. The miraculous effect of sage is expressed in the presence of tonic, analgesic, bactericidal, healing, anti-inflammatory properties and qualities.

Due to the high content of useful and active elements, essential oil promotes rapid healing of small cuts, wounds and cracks, stops bleeding, and eliminates pustular skin lesions.

Sage oil in its pure form belongs to highly concentrated essential oils. The acetic acid it contains can attack the skin and cause burns.

Sage oil skin care consists in the ability to moisturize, nourish and stimulate the process of renewing old cells. It is important here that the complex of measures taken corresponds to the type and condition of the skin. Sage oil is used in the care only for oily, fading and inflamed skin of both the face and hands. The aggressive action of the essential oil is not suitable for sensitive skin types.

At home, sage essential oil is used by adding it to self-made or ready-made cosmetic products.

The use of essential oil is recommended in the care of skin constantly exposed to adverse environmental phenomena. The essential properties of sage are especially effective for acne, coarsening and peeling of the skin of the hands, to reduce inflammation, in the treatment of exfoliation, and to strengthen damaged and thin nail plates.

In the process of caring for problem skin, the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities of sage are taken into account. For acne and blackheads, sage oil can be added to an anti-acne cream or diluted with a base base such as olive, sunflower, or other vegetable oil. At the same time, 3-5 drops of sage oil are added to one teaspoon of vegetable oil. The resulting composition is applied daily to the damaged area of the skin in the evening and morning.

Sage oil improves blood circulation and, as a result, active regeneration of the epidermis, causing the renewal of old cells.

When caring for flaky, thin and problem nails, sage oil is mixed in equal proportions with jojoba essential oil, after which it is applied daily to the nail area for a month. The result will be an inner strength and outer shine of nails, elimination of problems with their delamination. It is also useful to carry out such procedures before manicure procedures, since the softening properties of oils help to soften the cuticles.

To achieve an antibacterial effect, a few drops of sage oil are added to the liquid soap used for hand washing. Adding 1 drop of oil for every 5 grams of cream used in your daily hand care will help to cope with the problems of dryness and cracks.

The general tonic effect on the skin of the body will be provided by the adoption of an aroma bath in the addition of 5 to 7 drops of oil.

Cosmetics with the addition of sage oil have a nourishing effect, making the skin of the hands smooth and tender, and promote active healing of various injuries.

The elasticity, smoothness and freshness of the skin will be ensured by the use of sage ester when used as an additional component of face masks. The formulation of such masks is always individual and must correspond to the type of skin. 5-7 drops of sage oil are added to the composition for the preparation of one mask.

Sage oil esters combine wonderfully with other types of essential oils, as well as with lemon juice, kefir, egg yolk. It is recommended to maintain such masks on the face for no more than 20-25 minutes.

Sage oil is a potent drug and is contraindicated for use in the presence of diseases of hypertension and epilepsy. It is not recommended to use essential oils during pregnancy and when in a state of strong emotional or nervous excitement.