How To Do An Eyelid Lift At Home?

How To Do An Eyelid Lift At Home?
How To Do An Eyelid Lift At Home?

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It is quite possible to preserve youth and openness of sight without surgical intervention at home. Simple exercises, correctly selected cosmetics and desire - this "company" is able to work wonders. You shouldn't forget about the life-giving power of rest either.

How to do an eyelid lift at home?
How to do an eyelid lift at home?

The services of a beautician are not cheap, but a procedure such as an eyelid lift can be performed on your own. A greater effect will be achieved by combining special exercises and cosmetics.

Since wrinkles near the eyes, jokingly called "the tail of a fish", are especially noticeable with age, cosmetics are also needed for age. But eye cream alone will not give the desired result.

Muscles that have lost their elasticity need to be toned. It is for this support of the eyelids that Facebook building was invented - there are only four exercises:

First you need to close your eyes tightly. Stay in this position for 20 seconds, then raise your eyebrows high, as if in surprise. Freeze again for 15-20 seconds, after which you can relax. The exercise is performed without opening your eyes.

Now you need to open your eyes wide and blink 20 times at a very fast pace. There should be ten such approaches in total.

The next exercise is done with your hands. The fingers are positioned as follows: index fingers - lie along the eyebrows on top, and large ones under the eyebrows. The eyes are slightly closed at this time. During the opening of the eyes, the fingers offer resistance that must be overcome. The duration is the same - 15–20 seconds. It is repeated no more than 15 times.

The hands are also involved in the final stage. The pads of the middle fingers are located between the eyebrows, and the pads of the index fingers are at the outer corners of the eyes. Looking up, you need to try to close your eyes with force 10 times. At the end, close your eyes for 20 seconds and relax.

Face building is a set of exercises aimed at developing the facial muscles of the face. With regular exercise, it smoothes and reduces wrinkles around the eyes.

In addition to "physical education" for the eyelids, facial care requires various feminine amenities in the form of high-quality cosmetics. It is better to forget about cheap gels and creams. Sometimes they can cause allergies or simply have no effect.

Home remedies for this purpose are just as good. They are often safer in terms of the purity of the ingredients. Self-prepared masks are simple in their compositions, but no less effective, for example, a regenerating potato mask:

Potato and sauerkraut juices (brine) are mixed 1: 1 and flour or white clay is added to add viscosity to the mixture. Everything is mixed into a homogeneous mass and applied to the eyelids. Session time - 10-15 minutes. Then everything is washed off with water not lower than room temperature.

Swelling of the eyelids will help to remove lotions from a solution of strongly brewed tea. The cotton pads soaked in it are applied to the eyelids. The swelling will go away in 10 minutes.

Very effective tightening mask based on egg yolk: potato juice is mixed with vegetable oil and yolk. For cooking, olive oil or sesame oil is preferable. Each of the oils can be used as a mask on its own. In terms of the quality of the result, any serum that modern cosmetology can offer loses to this drug, especially in terms of availability and price.

The mask is prepared a few minutes before application, it should not be hot. If unpleasant sensations arise, the composition is immediately washed off with warm water.

As a variant of the yolk mask, aimed specifically at lifting the eyelids, a mixture of yolk, olive (linseed) oil and lemon juice is used. The composition is applied to the skin and kept for 15–20 minutes. It is recommended to wash off such masks with warm milk.

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