How To Make Thick Eyelashes

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How To Make Thick Eyelashes
How To Make Thick Eyelashes

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Any woman, looking in the mirror, dreams of seeing beautiful and thick eyelashes. When applying makeup, more than a third of the time is devoted to them. But it so happens that even the most noble beauties have dull, lifeless and sparse eyelashes. A huge amount of cosmetics is often only harmful. The hairs become discolored and fall out. How to make your look beautiful and charming?

How to make thick eyelashes
How to make thick eyelashes


Burdock oil, castor oil, almond oil, fish oil, parsley, aloe flower leaves, vitamins


Step 1

Take a clean, used bottle from under the mascara and fill it with burdock, castor, almond oil. In addition, you can also use fish oil, as this ingredient is rich in vitamin A. It is applied very simply - in the same way as you use mascara. In addition, do not be lazy to buy an oil solution of vitamins "AEVIT" at the pharmacy. They will be a great addition to your procedures.

Step 2

Take cotton swabs pre-soaked in cold, strongly brewed black tea. Apply them to your eyes 10-15 minutes before bedtime or in the morning. This will help the look to be radiant, and the eyelashes will be enriched with the maximum amount of vitamins and antioxidants. This mask is very relevant and was used by our great-grandmothers.

Step 3

Crush leaves of fresh parsley or aloe, add a little vegetable oil to this gruel. This mass should be used when massaging the skin around the eyes for 10 minutes, and then leave on the eyelids for another 15 minutes. This mask not only contributes to the thickening of the eyelashes, but also relieves you of under-eye circles.

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