How To Increase Hair Length

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How To Increase Hair Length
How To Increase Hair Length

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There are quite effective ways to stimulate hair growth. In general, hair can grow back to a certain and individual length for each person every month. It is difficult to argue with the fact that he does not always use his full potential.

How to increase hair length
How to increase hair length


Step 1

Of course, you understand that only one care and external influence cannot be dispensed with - very often the hair falls out, becomes fragile and brittle solely due to improper nutrition, weakened immunity and a lack of vitamins or minerals. So think over and change your daily diet, including elements vital for skin and hair - vitamin B, proteins, phosphorus, magnesium, so-called good carbohydrates (oatmeal, cereals).

Step 2

What tests do you put your hair to daily? Start with a regular wash. Remember - in no case should you wash your hair with hot water, it has a detrimental effect on their structure, and also leads to hair loss. It is better if, after treating your hair with a conditioner-balm, rinse it with cool water to close the pores and scales of each hair.

Step 3

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is very important. How well do you know your hair type? For example, choosing a shampoo that is too mild for oily hair can result in insufficient cleansing and, as a result, inadequate breathing of each hair. As a result, loss and stunted growth. At the same time, dry and normal hair should not be overdried.

Step 4

Now let's move on to the masks that stimulate hair growth, of which, fortunately, there are a sufficient number. All masks can be made at home and the ingredients are fairly simple. The most famous and one of the most effective components for strengthening the roots and activating hair growth is a mask based on burdock oil. It is worth slightly warming it up, and then add a teaspoon of honey and well-mashed egg yolk.

Step 5

Burdock oil can also be combined with other ingredients such as apricot or castor oils. You can add jojoba oil, grape seed oil to them - the scope for imagination is huge! If you want to revitalize the hair roots, try adding a very small amount of pepper tincture or cognac - this perfectly warms up the scalp. All masks should be applied for about 40 minutes, directly to the roots and with a light massage.

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