Hairstyles For Prom With False Strands

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Hairstyles For Prom With False Strands
Hairstyles For Prom With False Strands

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Overhead strands not only add volume, but also create gorgeous hairstyles. If an important celebration awaits you, for example, a graduation party, and your hair is not long enough to do something grandiose on your head, independent hair extensions will help you out a lot.

Hairstyles for prom with false strands
Hairstyles for prom with false strands


Step 1

If you can't work on your hairstyle for a long time, but want to increase the volume of your hair, buy a false chignon or babette. Such accessories are attached on the principle of overhead strands and require similar care. Take your hair at the back of your head and secure with an elastic band. Attach the babette to the gathered ponytail and decorate the top with an elegant hairpin or bow.

Step 2

Fasten the strands at the back of your head. Part the hair at the crown of the head with a horizontal parting in half. Gather the bottom with an elastic band. Tilt your head down and comb the roots of the free half of your hair, then fix the result with hairspray. Give the outside of the fleece a sleek look, and secure it at the back of the head with a nice bobby pin. Now release the bottom of the hair from the clip and curl with the tongs. For girls with long hair, overhead strands will add volume when creating this hairstyle. And the owners of short hair will make false curls, which will undoubtedly decorate them.

Step 3

Create a bow hairstyle. She needs thick and long hair and if you can't boast of that, false strands will help a lot. Attach the strands at the back. Tilt your head forward, select a triangle with a fine comb from crown to bangs and curl it. Wrap the sides with 2 large curlers, and secure the hair from the back of the head with an elastic band, lifting one wide strand to the crown. Apply styling product to your palms. Put another elastic band on the very bottom of the tail. Use your hands to separate the hair into 2 equal parts, without freeing from the attachments. Gently join the elastic bands together and secure with hairpins for the base of the hairstyle. Release the strand at the top of the head and wrap it around the bow, forming a knot. Hide the remaining tips inside. Twist the side strands into bundles, bring them to the bow, and fasten the ends with hairpins inside. Lay the bangs in a wave and fix with varnish.

Step 4

Try changing your look with false strands that are different in color from your natural hair. In this way, you can imitate highlighting, coloring and bronding fashionable today. Fasten the colored strands in the order you want. You can also emphasize the shape of your face by making rare but expressive accents in your hairstyle.

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