How To Dress For Important Events

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How To Dress For Important Events
How To Dress For Important Events

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You should not consider an important business event as a need to merge with the gray and black crowd, having lost your individuality among the monotonous white shirts and dark jackets. Of course, the businesslike nature of the meeting presupposes some restraint in the choice of outfits. But the classic style of clothing, close to business, is the best way to emphasize your impeccable taste. After all, dressing for important events can also be stylish, even if the requirements are very strict.

How to dress for important events
How to dress for important events


Step 1

A jacket

In almost all cases, it is a mandatory attribute of business events. Choose a fitted blazer to flatter your figure. Now you can pick up great suits "two" and "three", which are suitable for business meetings. The classic colors are gray and black, but the list is not limited to this. Light business suits, pinstriped suits, dark blue, maroon suits - decide for yourself what suits you best. Most importantly, do not forget about moderation. The color should be calm and “solid”.

Step 2

Dress, skirt or pants

It's up to you to choose. Choose skirts and dresses that are simple and medium in length. The classic version is about knee length. No flounces causing cuts and appliques, rhinestones, bows. Pants - straight or light flared from the knee. Save extravagant ideas for other occasions. Do not forget about matching the color of the skirt or trousers with the color of the jacket. Be sure to wear lightweight tights or stockings. Bare legs are not for business style.

Step 3

Blouse or shirt

Wear an elegant blouse with a little embellishment (decorative stitching, other fabric inserts, lace collar or cuffs) if your look doesn't involve a tie. Accordingly, a strict shirt without decorations will suit the tie. It is not necessary to choose a white fabric color. Soft pastels, especially pinks and creams, can soften the look. A light top (for example, made of silk) worn under a jacket is also ideal for this style.

Step 4

Scarves, ties

Choose an elegant lightweight scarf that will help give your business look a feminine touch. Give preference to pastel colors. If you are going to complement the look with a tie, decorate it with a discreet, but original clip, this will help smooth out the "office spirit" in the outfit.

Step 5


Business events are not a “Who has the best pedicure” competition. Avoid open sandals. Choose “pumps” made of good leather, matching them in color with a bag and a belt. You can choose another model, but make sure that the shoes are strict, without bulky decorations. The height of the heel depends on your preferences, the main thing is that it is comfortable not only to sit in the shoes, but also to walk. And, of course, no dizzying platforms - they are for a different style.

Step 6


Say at once a categorical “no” to massive jewelry, eco-style and jewelry of flashy colors. The elegance of the image presupposes graceful jewelry made of gold or silver with small stones. At the same time, the color of the stones should also be calm, let the rubies and emeralds wait for another occasion. Remember that there shouldn't be too many decorations. Accentuate the style with pretty cufflinks and an expensive belt. Pick up a bag of not too large volumes, close in shape to a rectangular one.

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