How To Quickly Tie A Tie

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How To Quickly Tie A Tie
How To Quickly Tie A Tie

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Appearance is one of the most important components of the impression of a person, especially in a business environment. Getting marathon and polished takes a lot of time, and a little advice on how to get dressed and tidy up faster than usual is very helpful. One of the parts of a classic suit (the usual look for a business person) that takes a relatively long time to tidy up is a tie. There are a lot of knots for tying it, and among them there are those that allow you to cope with a tie very quickly.

How to quickly tie a tie
How to quickly tie a tie


Step 1

Tie your tie with a simple knot, one of the easiest and fastest. It is suitable for ties of any length and from any material, but it looks like an elegant and casual (because of the asymmetric shape). Put the wide end of the tie on the narrow end, pointing to the left (the wrong sides of the ends are directed towards you), draw under the narrow end to the right, over it again take the wide end to the left, pull it up through the formed neck loop and pull it down through the “eyelet” that appears. Pull the knot and shape it.

Step 2

Use the "new knot" if you can practice with the simple one. It looks more elegant and strict, and the tying speed is the same. The procedure is as follows: cross the ends (the wrong side is again directed towards you), the wide one should lie on top of the narrow one and be directed to the left. Pass it under the narrow end to the right, then over the narrow end, return it back to the left side, pull it up through the formed neck loop and through the “eyelet” that appears, do not tighten, take it down. The edges of the tie must be folded up. Only now tighten the knot, gently pressing and shaping it, then tuck it into the shirt collar.

Step 3

Try to learn these two easy methods of tying ties, the number of movements in which is much less than when tying in other ways. Driven to automatic movement - this is what will help to increase the speed. Practice allows you to fix the necessary movements in memory, and after a few workouts, quickly tying a knot "from memory" will become another useful skill.

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