Which Model Of School Uniform Is More Practical To Choose For A Girl

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Which Model Of School Uniform Is More Practical To Choose For A Girl
Which Model Of School Uniform Is More Practical To Choose For A Girl

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The Soviet schoolgirl had no problems with choosing a school uniform: a brown dress and two aprons - black and white - that's all the variety. Only the cut of the dress and the model of white collars and cuffs differed. The modern student has a much richer choice.

Which model of school uniform is more practical to choose for a girl
Which model of school uniform is more practical to choose for a girl

School uniform requirements

Of course, a girl always wants to be beautiful and smart, but when choosing a school uniform, you should still remember that these are clothes for "work", therefore, it should be designed in a business style, without unnecessary adornments in the form of shiny details, ruffles, bows, appliques, etc.

Of course, physical activity at school is not as high as during walks or sports, but the comfort of the school uniform is one of the main requirements. A school suit should not cause discomfort to wear, because the child will have to spend almost the whole day in these clothes.

It is better to give preference to natural fabrics in school clothes. But it should be borne in mind that a small percentage of synthetic thread makes the fabric more wear-resistant, which is especially important for a school uniform: after all, a girl will have to wear a uniform for at least a year.

The colors of the school uniform, as a rule, have to be selected, in accordance with the requirements of the educational institution, but if there is no such need, it is better to give preference to non-marking fabrics of restrained colors (dark blue, gray, burgundy), and so that the school suit does not look boring, in it the use of "plaid" and dim finishes is permissible.

You should not buy a school uniform "for growth." A girl in baggy clothes will not look very attractive, but she will have to “go out to people” in this form every day!

It makes sense to purchase two sets of uniforms for different weather conditions - they will wear out less, and it will become much easier to solve problems with washing.

School costume elements

If you decide that you need to purchase a school jacket as an element of the uniform, this has its own reason: in the warm season it is quite capable of replacing a light jacket, and in a cool class it will look more appropriate than a cardigan. Only now, wearing it under outerwear is not always convenient, especially if the jacket is equipped with rigid shoulders or is made of a fairly dense fabric.

A sundress is a good choice as the basis of a school suit. Changing blouses and turtlenecks, a girl in a school sundress will always be dressed for the season and can easily update her school wardrobe. A sundress is especially relevant for younger schoolgirls: it is more comfortable to wear than a skirt that strives to slip off the still unformed waist. A sundress allows you to create a holistic image with a minimum of funds. It is better to dwell on a model in the classic style - matched to the figure, it will decorate a girl of any age and any complexion.

The most economical form option is undoubtedly the skirt. It is enough to change the "top" of the costume, and the girl will be able to vary her image every day. But it is worth remembering that the choice of jumpers and blouses in this case will have to be approached especially carefully. It is convenient to combine the skirt with both a jacket and a vest.

The vest can be purchased as an alternative to the jacket. It should go well with a school skirt or trousers. When making up an ensemble with a vest, you must remember the rule: the more original it is, the easier it should be to match a blouse to it. A good option is a jersey vest, matched to the skirt. In the cold season, it will give warmth and will be comfortable in combination with a jacket.

Pants can also be worn as part of a school uniform for girls, especially during the cold season. You should not choose too wide or, on the contrary, overly tight pants, it is better to stay on the classic version.

In any case, when choosing a school uniform, take into account the opinion of the girl herself, because a school suit for the whole school year will become her main clothing.

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