Winter Makeup Palette 2017: The Main Trends

Winter Makeup Palette 2017: The Main Trends
Winter Makeup Palette 2017: The Main Trends

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Winter makeup requires more attention and dedication than makeup for other seasons. The fact is that not all colors and shades are suitable for winter. Brightness is acceptable, of course, but its excess will become signs of vulgarity and lack of taste.

To do makeup
To do makeup

Makeup artists put forward several rules, but they do not require you to follow them exactly, but recommend using them as a guide to action. They advise giving preference to the classics, making adjustments to it for your face type, hair color and clothing style. Gone are the bright solutions in the form of tattooing eyebrows, lips or eyelids, tanning is no longer relevant. The trend is makeup techniques that bring out winning facial features in an elegant and natural way.

Base for winter makeup 2017

Before deciding on how to do your makeup, it is important to understand that the techniques that are used at other times of the year either do not work in winter or spoil everything.

The first and most important stage of the "operation" is the choice of a base - foundation and corrective agents. In winter, the sun's light is dim, we spend most of the time under artificial lighting, which means that preference should be given to products based on oils with a rich texture.

The basis of winter makeup for 2017 is aristocratic pallor. It will help to make makeup just like this foundation with the smallest reflective particles in the composition. And the skin will become velvety if you walk on its surface with a sponge or a brush with powder a tone lighter than foundation.


Winter makeup 2017 involves the mandatory use of expressive shades of blush. With their help, make-up artists recommend modeling the oval of the face, but there is no need to make clear outlines. This season, blush serves as a corrective agent.

For owners of porcelain skin, cold shades of blush will help to make makeup natural and not pretentious. If the skin is "peach", with a golden tint, then coral or ash-pink tones are recommended. Dark-skinned women can use bolder blush, but those that create a tanning effect are best put off until summer.

"Clap your eyelashes and take off …"

How to make winter makeup lasting is one of the main tasks. Thickly made up eyelashes in winter is simply inconvenient, because they "leak", the structure of the mascara can collapse in the cold, crumbling on the cheeks. And, developing winter makeup 2017, makeup artists and creators of cosmetics took this nuance into account. This season, mascara on a gel or polymer base, neutral shades is relevant.

Winter shadows are a special category

The eyelids tend to turn red in cold weather. That is why it is worth giving preference to shades of eyeshadows that do not burden the eyes, do not create the effect of a heavy look. Makeup artists recommend using the following technique:

  • along the edge of the eyelid, apply a line with a white or light beige pencil,
  • shade it so that the line becomes a fuzzy, light contour of the eye,
  • the main color is light beige or peach,
  • matte dark shadows of the shade as close as possible to the eye color will help add expressiveness.

The palette of matching remains the same: for brown and green eyes - brown, purple, gray shades, for blue - gray-brown, blue, blue, pink, but without fanaticism, soft.

Protecting and beautifying lips

You can't just put on makeup in winter, it's not enough. Choosing this path, you can completely lose your beauty, and the task of making makeup beautiful will become impossible. It is imperative to use oil balms and lipsticks with vitamins. The best vitamin for lips is E, as it is a natural antioxidant that protects the delicate skin of the lips from cold and dryness.

If we talk about choosing a lipstick color for winter makeup 2017, then red and other deeply saturated shades are no longer in trend.Naturalness is at the peak of popularity, therefore, preference should be given to natural shades.

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