What To Wear With Pumps

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What To Wear With Pumps
What To Wear With Pumps

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Classic pumps are a staple of women's wardrobe. They are always in fashion and are easy to combine with any style of clothing, while creating a feminine and elegant look.

What to wear with pumps
What to wear with pumps

What to wear with classic shoes

Pumps perfectly complement any outfit; they are appropriate both at a formal reception and in a strict office. Classic stiletto heels will perfectly complement a cocktail dress, and bright high-heeled models will be equally good with a luxurious evening dress and with a formal business suit. They are universal, because suitable for ladies of any age and type of appearance.

For everyday wear, pumps with a stable heel of medium height are more suitable. In them you will not only be comfortable and convenient, but they will add sophistication and elegance along with emphasizing your good taste. These shoes go well with formal trousers, business suits, skirts and dresses.

Both modest wedge heels and exquisite stiletto heels are well suited to jeans loved by many. Skinny jeans, a bright top, and classic shoes are great options for a fun party or nightclub.

Pumps are also well combined with leggings. Any heel can be suitable for elastic trousers, it all depends on the characteristics of the figure and shape of the legs. Leggings can be worn on top.

Dress shoes look great with slightly cropped skinny pants and skinny jeans. This combination emphasizes the ankle line and makes the figure light and feminine. Tight knee-length skirts and pumps look very stylish, showing a chiseled slender figure. Shoes look great in combination with shorts, both short from denim and classic from wool.

Classic shoes with low heels will look great with cropped trousers or rolled up jeans. it is the cropped trousers that focus on fashionable shoes. In addition, these shoes are great for both office dress code and casual wear.

Pumps with steady heels will perfectly complement a fashionable skirt. Moreover, she can be both strict and flirty. With a sheath or pencil skirt, black shoes are the best option.

If you want to buy an unusual model of classic shoes, then the best option would be a beautiful dress with a length not below the knee. This is especially true for pumps with wide heels or shoes with beautiful additions.

What you shouldn't wear boats with

Perhaps the only style with which pumps cannot be combined is sporty. In combination with wide trousers and maxi skirts, classic shoes also lose their charm, designed to emphasize the beauty and shape of women's legs.

Keep in mind that black classic pumps will not work if your skirt is below the knee. Also, stylists do not recommend wearing a black dress with shoes of the same color, red pumps are more suitable - this will help to emphasize the shoes without losing the sophistication of the image as a whole.

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