How To Choose Shoes For Trousers

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How To Choose Shoes For Trousers
How To Choose Shoes For Trousers

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A stylish image is both a color scheme, and the general style of the ensemble, and the compatibility of things. Trousers are considered comfortable and practical clothes that have won a worthy place in women's wardrobe. You need to know a number of rules for the correct combination of pants and shoes.

How to choose shoes for trousers
How to choose shoes for trousers


Step 1

When choosing shoes for trousers, remember that you need to take into account the peculiarities of your figure, the general color scheme, the style of clothing, and most importantly, the style of trousers and their compatibility with certain shoes.

Step 2

The classic straight version of trousers, which goes well with turtlenecks, blouses and vests, requires high-heeled or platform shoes. The ideal option is classic pumps with heels. Depending on the solemnity of the situation, you can choose either flat-soled pumps or elegant boots. Remember that ballet flats, moccasins and sports shoes cannot be combined with classic trousers. In cool weather, opt for leather or suede boots in soothing colors and with a minimum of decor.

Step 3

Lovers of flared trousers should clearly understand that such trousers can only be worn with high-heeled shoes, otherwise the flared trousers will make you fat. Know that the flare looks stylish and elegant if only a piece of shoes peeps out from under the trousers. Clogs, wedge shoes will be appropriate.

Step 4

Wear sneakers with flared trousers in a sporty style. If you want to look taller and slimmer, then go for heels or platform shoes.

Step 5

Skinny pants, loved by many girls and women due to their versatility and functionality, look great tucked into boots. Choose classic boots with thin heels, as well as high-heeled jockey boots with flat heels. In addition, stiletto heel or platform ankle boots are also suitable. Skinny looks elegant with sandals, ballet shoes, and pumps with heels. The categorical "no" refers only to the combination with sneakers or any sports shoes.

Step 6

Add pipe trousers with a short jacket or a stylish jacket, a beautiful blouse, and as shoes, opt for ankle boots, sandals, high-heeled shoes.

Step 7

Cropped trousers that show off graceful ankles look great with mid-heeled pumps and pointed toe lace-up boots. In summer, comfortable sandals will be a good addition to cropped trousers. Heavy or bulky shoes and short trousers are not combined with each other. Remember that cropped trousers should only be worn over shoes.

Step 8

When putting together a stylish look, consider the color scheme of your clothes and shoes. The black color of the trousers goes well with the black, beige, dark red color of your shoes. For gray trousers, choose beige, black, dark red shoes. Brown trousers match brown, black and beige shoes.

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