What White Shoes Do Not Go With

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What White Shoes Do Not Go With
What White Shoes Do Not Go With

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Naturalness and harmony will never go out of fashion. Only such personalities as Lady Gaga, who seek to shock the audience, are not interested in what white shoes do not go with, and combine them with everything. But a modern stylish girl should look attractive, not shocking.

What white shoes do not go with
What white shoes do not go with

For a long time, white shoes were associated exclusively with wedding dress. Today it is no longer only the prerogative of brides, but it cannot be denied that white shoes, boots and sandals belong to holiday shoes.

White and black are not always combined

Anyone who wants to figure out what white shoes do not go with should forget about the compatibility of this color with black. Wearing white shoes or boots under a dark top is bad manners.

White shoes with black, brown, purple tights look terrible. The girls who dared to dress like this have no idea how comical they look from the outside. Bright legs and no feet. White shoes are simply "lost" against the background of dark tights.

White boots are also not in harmony with black or dark colored leggings. In general, under light boots it is better to wear only nylon tights of a neutral shade, but jeans or trousers are best combined with white ankle boots.

Not the best choice would be a black skirt or pants worn with white shoes. If black is acceptable in an ensemble with such shoes, then only in the form of accessories - a clutch, necklace, bracelet.

The right decision

What are white shoes combined with besides a wedding dress? There are many options. First, white shoes look perfect with pastel-colored cocktail dresses. It can be a light sundress of peach, mint, blue, coral, lemon yellow.

White sandals and open-toed shoes go well with bright summer dresses in turquoise, crimson, orange or plum. Also, such shoes should be worn with all kinds of variegated skirts and shorts, but you should not overload the look with bright tights.

In general, only flesh and white tights look harmonious with white shoes, if, of course, these are closed shoes. Tights are not worn under an open toe.

With white ballet flats, it is quite possible to wear light jeans, a striped pullover and a hat. All clothing should be chosen in a calm color scheme using gray, white, blue and beige colors.

With classic tailored trousers in sand or beige, cream or milk shoes are combined. But with gray, you can wear snow-white shoes of a cold shade.

When choosing a blouse or blouse for white shoes, you need to pay attention not only to its color, but also to the structure of the fabric. Airy chiffon, silk, viscose will go under light-colored shoes.

It is not recommended to wear white shoes under evening dresses, as they are simply “lost” against the background of a deep neckline and bright accessories.

The winter version of white shoes - boots or boots - is combined only with a light coat, fur coat or jacket. Those who want to dress in such a range should forget about the practical black and brown colors.

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