What To Wear With Shoes

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What To Wear With Shoes
What To Wear With Shoes

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Shoes are perhaps the most popular women's footwear. Until now, not everyone knows how to choose the right shoes, taking into account the height and characteristics of the figure, and what to wear them with.

What to wear with shoes
What to wear with shoes

General recommendations for the selection of shoes

The type of heel, last, and sock greatly change the impression of women's shoes. Bulky shoes make the figure heavier, visually shorten the torso, and make the legs more massive. Thin high heels, on the contrary, stretch the figure. Shoes with long toes add a couple of sizes to the feet, while shoes with square and rounded ones visually reduce the size of the feet. Shoes with ankle straps "cut" the legs into pieces, greatly shortening them, while the ankles seem wide.

If you want to visually lengthen your legs, buy shoes of a "nude" shade, meaning skin tone. Try to find shoes that are as close to your skin as possible. Do not wear "flesh" tights and stockings with them. "

For shoes without heels, it is best to choose very narrow trousers. Even very low heels emphasize the relief of the legs, so you can wear both dresses and skirts with them. Remember, the lower the heels of your shoes, the shorter the skirt, the higher the heels, the longer the skirt.

Girls of short stature are strongly discouraged from getting carried away with too high heels; in shoes with high heels, short girls look completely disproportionate. If you are short, but you have large feet, choose shoes with square or rounded toes, and they should not have protruding soles or large details. If you have thin ankles, go for open shoes.

Sandals and platform shoes should be worn with loose trousers and long skirts. Such shoes look very modern and fashionable, if not combined with short dresses, since in this combination they make full legs even heavier, and thin legs are made with straight sticks without relief.

Shoes - the highlight of the style

Open pumps or mules with low or medium narrow heels are suitable for almost all women. The general recommendation is as follows - if the wardrobe is dominated by light, flying clothes made of viscose and silk, choose elegant and simple shoes of bright colors for it, if most of the clothes are made of heavy dense fabrics, buy massive shoes. Going out shoes should be classic, not overloaded with details.

Before you go somewhere in new shoes, be sure to carry them around at home, otherwise you can seriously rub your feet. Buy dry callus deodorant for such cases.

As for color, don't go for white shoes unless you're going down the aisle. They enlarge the feet, draw attention to the ankles, and with dark clothes they usually look rather strange, ridiculously striking.

Do not be afraid of bright shoes of unexpected colors. Blue, orange, green, red shoes can add interesting color accents to your everyday wardrobe. Look for photos in fashion magazines if you are not sure about your color flair. Shoes with colorful ornaments or bright details can be a real highlight of your style. The main thing to remember is that in general, shoes should not be lighter than clothes.

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