How To Varnish Leather

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How To Varnish Leather
How To Varnish Leather

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There is nothing complicated in the process of leather lacquering itself. However, all the difficulties lie in which varnish for which leather and for which product to choose. Indeed, there are a bunch of varnish recipes, and it is simply unrealistic to figure out what is suitable for a beginner. Fortunately, the professionals have already figured out this issue and are now eager to share their secrets.

How to varnish leather
How to varnish leather


Step 1

Leather lacquer should be flexible, dry quickly and give a good gloss. The most commonly used resins are shellac, acaroid and copal. Sandarak and Harpyus are almost never used, as they are quite fragile. Castor oil can be added to give extra elasticity. You can color the varnish with aniline dyes - eosin, nigrosine, methanil yellow, brilliant green and others. Below are some specific recipes for varnishes.

Step 2

Take 50 g of rosin, 100 g of shellac, 100 g of sandarak, 50 g of turpentine, 50 g of turpentine, 1500 g of alcohol and 25 g of lamp black. Mix the filtered alcohol solution of all resins with lamp soot, which must be stirred in a small amount of alcohol before this. Add turpentine, let stand and pour into vials. This varnish is strong enough.

Step 3

Corrugated leather varnish is made in the following way. Dissolve 40 g of logwood extract in 1200 g of alcohol, then add two-potassium salt, or rather, its aqueous solution. Add 80 g of shellac and 400 g of turpentine to the resulting dark solution. Then add 6 g of indigo carmine and mix thoroughly. You should have a blue tint.

Step 4

Matte leather varnish is made from the following ingredients: 250 g of shellac, 25 g of beeswax, 1000 g of alcohol, 50 g of soap shavings, 25 g of French turpentine, 12-13 g of soot and 2-3 g of blue sandalwood extract. Add wax, shavings, turpentine to the alcohol solution of shellac and heat until completely dissolved. Then add sandalwood, then filter the composition through muslin, stirring it. Next, take a little bit of varnish and stir the soot in it, then add this to the total mass and stir again.

Step 5

And here is the recipe for colorless varnish. Take 150 g of bleached shellac, 1000 g of alcohol, 50 g of soap shavings, 75 g of French turpentine and 37-38 g of wax. Heat all these substances with parallel stirring until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

Step 6

You can also use a shiny varnish for varnishing leather. To do this, heat 480 g of wine alcohol along with 20 g of turpentine oil, then gradually add 80 g of shellac, followed by 20 g of sandarak (do not forget to stir the mixture constantly). Then stir in another 40 g of thick turpentine. Let the varnish cool and add another 10 g of soot, ground with vinegar. Shake the varnish before use.

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