How To Choose A Dress For Full

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How To Choose A Dress For Full
How To Choose A Dress For Full

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Fashion at all times dictated its own rules of how a woman should look. If you compare the current fashion ideals and, for example, Rubens and Raphael women of the 16th century, you can feel a significant difference.

How to choose a dress for full
How to choose a dress for full


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In modern stores, sadly, the most common size is considered to be 42-44, it is also S. Size, to put it mildly, for skinny ones. In addition, the models of clothes, in particular, dresses, are selected, as a rule, in such a way that they can only suit petite ladies. What about those who do not fit into the parameters of modern gloss?

The number one task in choosing clothes in general and dresses in particular is to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide its flaws, if any. The main thing is to know what to emphasize with what. Fortunately, the owners of full figures have an abundance of advantages. Now in more detail.

Step 2

A triangular neckline, as well as a deep neckline, can favorably emphasize a lush bust. A little lace, drapery, or a little frill will bring back visual harmony with voluminous hips and small breasts. You can emphasize the waist with a narrow belt or ties at the back.

Step 3

Those women whose thinnest part is the area under the breasts are likely to go with a high waist. By the way, a sheath dress is a very good style for obese women, but only if it is in size. True, this kind of dress is best worn with a high heel and a belt. In general, the desire to put on a smaller item must be stopped immediately.

Step 4

Vertical folds from the chest will help to hide a small belly. Too full legs will hide the length to the knees. You should not choose a dress with a pencil skirt if you need to "balance" a figure with voluminous hips. Full arms can be hidden under a stole or jacket, the main thing is not to open them completely and not to tighten them.

Step 5

The color of the dress is also important. It must be remembered that pastel, light shades, as well as too bright colors visually increase the volume. Dark and muted tones, on the contrary, seem to absorb. Also, be careful with decorative elements such as sequins, beads, rhinestones. They create a striking accent while also increasing the volume.

Nevertheless, regardless of the characteristics of your figure, remember the golden rule: there should be a measure in everything.

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