How To Create Your Own Style After 40 Years

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How To Create Your Own Style After 40 Years
How To Create Your Own Style After 40 Years

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Each age has its own characteristics. These features are reflected in both physical and moral condition. The appearance cannot remain unchanged either. But at any age, a woman wants to remain beautiful and stylish.

How to create your own style after 40 years
How to create your own style after 40 years


Step 1

To begin with, remember the style icons that came to us from the USSR. Piekha, Gurchenko, Plisetskaya and others have never followed the fashion blindly. Each of them had its own individual style, its own zest, which is why they were copied by women not only in the USSR, but also abroad.

Step 2

The main thing that a lady needs to do at an age is to abandon the youth style of clothing. No rhinestones, ultra-short skirts, open belly, etc. In such clothes you will look ridiculous. But this does not mean that you need to dress up in shapeless robes - this will not decorate you either.

Step 3

Your clothes should be in pleasant, warm colors, without too much detail, especially flounces and frills. Your clothes should emphasize all the advantages of your figure and hide its flaws. Avoid skirts that are above the knee - they will not decorate you. Don't forget about accessories. A bright shawl, scarf, exquisite brooch or an elegant string of pearls will greatly decorate and refresh your look.

Step 4

When choosing shoes, do not ignore heeled shoes. They will make you slimmer. If you have a large foot size, then round toe shoes will help you. Another equally important detail of a woman's wardrobe is a bag. Previously, it was believed that it must be combined with shoes. Now there are no such strict rules. But for a woman of age, there is one unshakable rule - forget about lacquered bags once and for all.

Step 5

Do not forget about jewelry, they can emphasize your individuality like nothing. Pay attention to modern exclusive jewelry. Just keep in mind that too much decoration can easily turn you into a Christmas tree.

Step 6

Revise your makeup bag. The makeup of a lady of Balzac's age should be done in restrained colors. Replace bright lipsticks, lip gloss, and blush for gentle, pastel tones that refresh your face well. You should also give up blue and green shades of eyeshadow and colored mascara. Now it will look inappropriate, because the main feature of your age should be elegance.

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