Is Jewelry Appropriate For Ladies After Forty

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Is Jewelry Appropriate For Ladies After Forty
Is Jewelry Appropriate For Ladies After Forty

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Bijouterie is a great jewelry option for every day. Contrary to popular belief, ladies after forty years old can wear jewelry both in everyday outfits and in festive looks.

Sometimes youth jewelry can beautify a mature woman
Sometimes youth jewelry can beautify a mature woman

Jewelry is the most democratic way to decorate yourself. The variety of styles allows you to choose jewelry for both very young girls and respectable ladies. Oversized felt brooches, oversized multi-chain necklaces, thick bracelets, round hoop earrings and large signet rings are suitable for curvy women. Petite ladies with fragile features can choose modest stud earrings, small pendants with a chain and beads with thin beads.

Remember that jewelry should be appropriate in this outfit and in this particular case. Sometimes a watch and a wedding ring are enough from jewelry.

Bijouterie in a casual suit

It is wrong to think that jewelry is inappropriate for women over forty. On the contrary, certain jewelry can add charm or mischief and thus rejuvenate a respectable lady. So, a straight and austere gray dress can be decorated with a variety of jewelry. Try to wear leather or suede shoes in a juicy color: cobalt, turquoise, raspberry or purple. Combine shoes with a futuristic solid color necklace in the color of the shoes, and the texture of the necklace material should match the shoes (leather or suede). Correctly selected color of jewelry will not only complete the look, but also refresh the complexion.

For a more festive look, embellish a formal gray dress with a chunky chain bracelet, like in the Juicy Couture or Marc Jacobs collections. Black pointed shoes with metal inserts, as well as a rectangular clutch with rivets or fringes will add daring rocker notes to the image, but will leave it within the bounds of decency.

The use of vintage jewelry remains at the height of fashion. Grandma's beads and a cameo brooch found at a flea market will also be appropriate with a strict gray dress. At the same time, you should remember about the sense of proportion and not wear more than one vintage item at the same time.

Experiment with youth and men's accessories, but be careful when choosing teen jewelry. Brooches-birds or hairpins with flowers are inappropriate for a mature woman.

We select jewelry for an evening dress

When choosing jewelry for an evening dress, it is better to be more restrained. Sometimes it is enough to opt for large earrings that accentuate your facial features, or on a pendant matched to the neckline of the dress. In this case, the handbag and shoes must be made in a single ensemble, which implies some common elements: texture, wear, color, material or geometric shapes. So, for a cocktail dress with a round neckline, you can choose an ethnic necklace with many pendants and a clutch with a similar decor. Minimalist open-toe sandals are the perfect complement to this outfit.

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