What Skirts Are In Fashion

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What Skirts Are In Fashion
What Skirts Are In Fashion

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Video: What Skirts Are In Fashion
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A stylish skirt is a great opportunity to demonstrate not only your slender legs and beautiful hips, but also great taste. Moreover, this season, designers have tried to please all fashionistas, without exception, by creating an incredible variety of models of women's skirts.

What skirts are in fashion
What skirts are in fashion

Triumphant mini return

Miniskirts, which had enjoyed little popularity among the fashion public for several past seasons, have now triumphantly returned to the catwalks. Among these models, two main trends can be distinguished - tight-fitting products that sit on the waist or on the hips, or skirts-sun with ruffles and frills.

In spring, you should give preference to products made of leather or dense fabric with various draperies.

In addition, in some collections you can find mini-skirts or tulip skirts with fur trim or completely sewn from natural or faux fur. For example, products from Fendi or Versace made of colored fur will definitely appeal to creative young ladies who want to emphasize their unsurpassed style. Such products are best worn with basic things - turtlenecks or classic blouses and tight tights. In turn, sheared mink models will appeal to more conservative fashionistas.

Another trendy option is pleated skirts. Only it is suggested to wear them not with openwork blouses, it is better to play in contrast - picking up a leather jacket, a chunky knit sweater or an oversize coat.

Timeless classics

Also now in fashion are knee-length skirts - the famous pencil skirts, so beloved by many office workers around the world.

If you want to choose a midi skirt for a more ceremonial event, then you should give preference to models made of organza, brocade or other iridescent fabric, or look at a silk skirt with polka dots or a cage.

By the way, among the current models, you can also find a skirt with a wrap or a slit on the side - a great way to flirtatiously demonstrate your legs to those around you.

Midi skirts can be safely called timeless classics and a completely versatile outfit. They suit both young ladies and older women. Models that emphasize the wasp waist look best.

Maxi length

A great alternative to a summer sundress will be a maxi skirt. Wear it with a top or tank top in hot weather and a chunky knit blouse or sweater when it's cool.

Also, a long skirt made of beautiful flowing fabric can be suitable for creating an evening look. Sometimes a wide belt of bright colors is attached to such a skirt. Choose a top with appliqués, rhinestones or sequins, high-heeled shoes for this ensemble and catch the admiring glances of those around you all evening.

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