How To Put On A Hakama

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How To Put On A Hakama
How To Put On A Hakama

Video: How To Put On A Hakama

Video: How To Put On A Hakama
Video: Kendo Basics : How to Wear a Kendo Uniform (Kendogi u0026 Hakama) - The Kendo Show 2023, April

Hakama is a traditional Japanese clothing, which in ancient times could only be worn on special occasions: during graduation ceremonies, martial arts demonstrations, at a wedding. The hakama could only serve as a casual garment for members of the nobility.

How to put on a hakama
How to put on a hakama


Step 1

Before putting on your hakama, make sure it is the right size for you. Attach the hakama to your feet: the ideal length is from the waist to the ankle. If the hakama is longer, you will get confused in it. In short, it will just look ugly.

Step 2

Attach the hakama to you: its height should be on the palm of your hand above the waist. Pull the belts on both sides and point them back, crossing them behind your back. Place the "cross" slightly below the waist. Secure it with a knot.

Step 3

Move the back belt of the hakama to the front, positioning it at the level of the hips under the upper belt.

Tie the front waistband with a flat knot at navel level. If the ends are too long, hide them behind the belt on the left.

Step 4

Alternatively, you can put on the hakama by crossing the back belts behind your back, bringing them back forward (if the belt is long enough) and fixing them with a flat knot at waist level. The risers can be left hanging down.

Step 5

Pull the front waistband back at hips and secure on the inside of the hakama. You can tie it with a regular tie knot or just a bow.

Step 6

An obi is tied over the hakama - a special belt, an element of a kimono. The male obi is small: its width is about 10 cm. The female obi is 30 cm wide. The obi can be up to 4 meters long.

Step 7

Place the obi behind your back and fold the ends over your waist so that they encircle you and cross again behind your back.

Step 8

Tie the obi behind your back at the waist. Place a koshikhimo - a special pad - under the knot and fix it with the adjacent straps. Hide the tails of the belts under the obi.

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