How To Make A Stylish Haircut Yourself

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How To Make A Stylish Haircut Yourself
How To Make A Stylish Haircut Yourself

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With a hair clipper, you can make both classic and trendy men's hairstyles at home. Choose a model haircut based on your face shape and personal preference.

A hair clipper will help you make a stylish hairstyle yourself
A hair clipper will help you make a stylish hairstyle yourself


A clipper, a set of attachments, combs, sharp scissors, a spray bottle with water, a large mirror


Step 1

Choose your desired hairstyle depending on the shape of your face. If you have wide cheekbones and a round face, decorate the back of your head and temples with ragged strands. To disguise a low forehead, bangs and voluminous styling on the crown will help. For men with a long and narrow face, parted hair and long hair do not suit. The bangs should be asymmetrical and properly profiled. But long hairstyles soften the outlines of square faces, and this should be taken advantage of if your lifestyle and hair quality allows. If a short haircut is a must, leave long strands at your temples. It is also contraindicated to cut the temporal zone for owners of triangular faces. Avoid cutting the hair at the top of your head to shape your face.

Step 2

Wash and dry your hair. Most clippers do not work well with damp hair. Using a comb-comb, divide the head into zones: the back of the head, temples and the crown. To highlight the back of the head, draw a straight line between the left and right ears across the crown. For convenience, the occipital zone can be delimited by another line drawn horizontally between the ears. Mentally draw two parallel lines from the tip of the eyebrows to the back of the head to indicate the temporal zones.

Step 3

Determine the maximum hair length you want to keep and select the appropriate comb attachment. The clipper starts at the back of the head, then goes to the temples, and the crown is processed last. Move the clipper in smooth movements against the growth of the hair. In order for the haircut to be even, it is necessary to walk through all the zones several times, removing the flaws. Comb your hair after each pass to remove any trimmed strands.

Step 4

When you have cut your hair to one length, you need to style your hairstyle according to your preferences. The easiest way is to make a stylish sports haircut with gradual hair lengthening from the temples and nape to the crown. Take the shorter attachment and shorten the back of the head and temples one by one without touching the crown. The classic version assumes a smooth transition in length, which can be achieved by gradually changing the angle between the head and the attachment.

Step 5

Get the third attachment - the shortest length that works for you. Trim the bottom of the back of the head and the temples around the ears. Do not forget to make a smooth transition from short hair to long, as well as comb the strands so as not to be mistaken with the length and make a symmetrical hairstyle.

Step 6

If you are a fan of youth haircuts, you can simplify your task and not strive for smooth transitions. In recent years, undercut, also known as “undercut”, has become relevant. For this fashionable hairstyle, you just need to shave the temples and the lower part of the nape to the minimum length that suits you, and trim and thin the rest with scissors.

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