Is Chinese Fashion Competitive

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Is Chinese Fashion Competitive
Is Chinese Fashion Competitive

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Chinese fashion is quite unusual: it is both practical and exotic. The abundance of Chinese goods of not the best quality makes many look down on Chinese fashion. Meanwhile, there are many successful and recognized designers in the Chinese fashion industry. In addition, everyday clothes produced in Chinese sewing factories are often distinguished by interesting cut and decent quality. What is Chinese fashion, what distinguishes it from European?

Chinese fashion attracts with its originality
Chinese fashion attracts with its originality

Chinese women are very fond of dressing up. Almost all of them, regardless of their position in society and wealth, have a very impressive amount of clothing. Moreover, they prefer to update their wardrobe constantly.

Almost ready-to-wear

Chinese women love shiny and bright clothes. Rhinestones, sequins, sequins, reflective stripes are indispensable decorative elements in the clothes of Chinese fashionistas. Everything is adorned with similar details: blouses, skirts, coats, boots, slippers, swimwear. Even an ordinary dressing gown is embroidered with tinsel.

You can often find really elegant and stylish Chinese clothes, but in the most inappropriate place, there may be shiny embroidery or a terrible, iridescent emblem with all the colors of the rainbow.

Europeans find this abundance cheap and tasteless, so many of them have found a funny and practical way out of the situation: pick up scissors and get rid of the most provocative jewelry. Our women wear clothes adjusted in this way with great pleasure, since high-quality Chinese clothes are usually distinguished by original cut, stylish design, and besides, they are comfortable to wear.

More than haute couture

In recent years, the Celestial Empire has been developing very rapidly, and the population of the country has much more opportunities for self-expression. If earlier the clothes of European brands were more popular, today the Chinese elite more and more often prefers to order outfits from eminent domestic fashion designers. One of them is Guo Pei, who has been creating clothes for Chinese pop and film stars for several years. Her Rose Studio has become a true temple of Chinese fashion, recognized by leading European designers from well-known brands such as Ungaro, Elegance and Valentino.

Guo Pei does not have long-term plans, but looks to the future with confidence. She hopes to participate in Paris Haute Couture Week and open her own fashion show in Russia.

Guo Pei's creative cut and bold design complements traditional Chinese motifs to create truly unique pieces. Moreover, their cost is much lower than the price for luxury outfits from European designers. Perhaps that is why dresses made in the workshop of the titled Chinese woman are in great demand and are quite capable of competing with the clothes of more popular brands.

We have to admit that the original cut in combination with the low price makes the clothes of Chinese manufacturers quite competitive. Over time, the Chinese will learn to adapt their products to the tastes of Europeans, and perhaps it will be considered prestigious to wear clothes created by Chinese designers.

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