How To Dress For Work

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How To Dress For Work
How To Dress For Work

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Most serious companies, firms and businesses prefer to have a written dress code to clearly indicate what kind of dress they expect from their employees. If your work does not have precise instructions on what is allowed and what is prohibited, but there is only a general wish - to adhere to a formal style of dress, then you should pay attention to these recommendations.

How to dress for work
How to dress for work


  • Strict suit
  • Shirt or blouse
  • Good quality shoes


Step 1

Men's shirts.

You should choose solid color long sleeved shirts. The sleeve of the shirt should end in the middle of the wrist and protrude a centimeter from under the sleeve of the jacket. If your shirt has double cuffs or French cuffs, a cropped jacket sleeve is acceptable. Never wear polo shirts, brightly printed shirts, faux-blended shirts to the office.

Step 2

Women's blouses Blouses with a wide neckline, blouses made of transparent translucent fabrics are not allowed Women can wear blouses in bright colors, but not so juicy as to attract increased attention to them.

Step 3

Men's trousers

Men should not wear trousers that are too short. Ideal length - the leg covers the boot slightly at the back and does not reach it slightly in the front. Long socks should be worn under the pants so that you can freely cross your legs without fear that everyone around you will see your bare calves.

Step 4

Women's trousers, skirts and dresses.

Don't wear too tight pants or skirts to work. Avoid avant-garde cuts, baggy pieces, high slits and skirts that don't reach the knee. Do not wear items with bright prints, ruffles, drapery, puffy pockets, embroidery and additional embellishments to the office.

Step 5

Shoes Even in summer, do not wear sandals, sandals, shoes with an open heel and toes to work. Do not wear sneakers to the office, even if they come from expensive and prestigious firms. Women should not wear shoes with too sharp toes, thin or very high heels, make sure your shoes are well-cleaned, free from obvious scuffs and with intact heels.

Step 6

Accessories. For men, cufflinks, tie pins, silk pocket squares to match the tie, strict wristwatches are acceptable and even welcome. Women can wear neckerchiefs, modest brooches, small jewelry.

Step 7

Makeup, Hairstyle and Perfume: Choose cosmetics in neutral and natural shades. False nails and any flamboyant manicure don't go with an office dress code in the same way heavy evening perfume and loose long hair do.

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