Swimwear 2014: What Things To Take On Vacation

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Swimwear 2014: What Things To Take On Vacation
Swimwear 2014: What Things To Take On Vacation

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The long-awaited vacation is the perfect excuse to update your wardrobe. When going on vacation, you should think in advance what clothes you will take with you. It is better to make kits at home, so as not to waste time on this on vacation.

Swimwear 2014: what things to take on vacation
Swimwear 2014: what things to take on vacation

Fashion swimwear 2014

Start building your wardrobe by buying a swimsuit. Designers offer fashionistas a truly huge selection of swimwear for every shape and taste. In the new season, the boring plain bikini was replaced by models with a rather mischievous print. Plaid and tropical flowers are considered the trendiest patterns this beach season.

One-piece swimsuit models with a rather revealing neckline are in high esteem among designers. If you cannot show off your bust, feel free to give preference to models with a fringed bodice. They always look sexy and at the same time visually add volume to the breasts.

The most important thing in choosing a swimsuit is that it should favorably emphasize all the charms of the figure, while hiding its flaws.

Fashion shorts 2014

Where on a beach vacation without practical shorts! They can be of any length. Owners of slender legs should not hesitate to choose models above the knee. If you want to look fashionable, pay attention to denim shorts. Those who prioritize comfort should choose cotton models. Openwork shorts are very relevant this season. They can be safely combined with a bra-bandeau from a swimsuit, tops in juicy colors and shirts in a medium-sized cage.

Fashion Tops 2014

Designers strongly suggest trying on tops with a print this season. It is worth following their lead and putting a few tops with a tropical or floral print in your suitcase. They will go well with denim shorts, lace trousers. With the help of a printed top, you can create many bright and fashionable ensembles.

Fashionable sundresses 2014

When going on vacation, be sure to put at least one sundress in your suitcase. Short models are perfect for going to the beach, the pool or the nearest store. Long sundresses are more suitable for long walks around the city and an evening date. A sundress, if desired, can be supplemented with a bright necklace and other jewelry.

Fashion sunglasses 2014

Sunglasses are another must-have of a fashionable vacation lady's suitcase. Glasses with colored lenses or frames will help create a carefree mood. The unconditional favorite of the new season is the model in translucent plastic with colored lenses. Glasses with colored mirrored lenses are also in high esteem. True, this trend is already beginning to set the teeth on edge. If you strive not only to be fashionable, but also original, these glasses are not for you.

Fashion Beach Jewelry 2014

A pair of ringing bracelets, a stylish necklace, large earrings - this is how a minimal set of jewelry for a vacation looks like. With the help of these accessories, you can easily place competent accents in your image.

Fashionable hats 2014

This season, designers are advised to opt for feminine straw hats. Wide-brimmed and colored models are in favor, as well as bohemian trilby, extravagant turbans. In the latter, you can even swim in the sea. Do not write off headbands and baseball caps with intricate decor or prints.

Fashionable summer bags 2014

The bag is another pretty important piece of vacation wardrobe. It must certainly be practical so that you can walk to the beach and walk around the local markets with it. Leave your leather bags at home, put cotton, straw or linen bags in your suitcase.

Fashionable summer shoes 2014

Going on a summer vacation in hot countries, give preference to stylish and comfortable sandals. The ideal choice would be gladiators, both classic and knee length. Ordinary strappy sandals are fine, though. If you want to be considered fashionable as well, then pay attention to raffia sandals.They look just great with ethnic style outfits.

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