How To Wear Green Shorts

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How To Wear Green Shorts
How To Wear Green Shorts

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Green shorts are a difficult but effective piece of women's wardrobe. The bright color will attract attention and create an unforgettable image. However, you must be careful when choosing a company for green shorts.

How to wear green shorts
How to wear green shorts

Green shorts: fashion solutions

The best company for shorts are tees, tops, and tees. Green in this case sets its own rules. When choosing a basic ensemble, pay attention to bright, juicy colors: yellow, pink, blue, purple, orange. If you want to wear a white T-shirt, the best option would be a one-color model or with a beautiful print, in which there will be a green tone of the same type of shorts.

The colored T-shirt should be solid color, without any prints / patterns. Only in this way a vivid image will turn out to be integral and not clownish. Do not enter additional colors, but repeat the ones already selected.

Green denim shorts go well with country-style shirts. Be sure to tuck the top in and undo a few of the top buttons. Another combination is possible: put on a checked shirt over a white shirt and tie the first one in a knot.

Green shorts are a great pair for chiffon blouses. For example, choose a nice translucent nude color model. Throw a blue, brown, beige jacket over it. A graceful clutch and chunky heeled sandals will perfectly complete the ensemble.

Stylists recommend not to be afraid of monochrome combinations. Match your green shorts with a shirt, sweater or tunic in exactly the same shade. In this case, pay special attention to the shoes: they should not stand out. The best choice would be flesh-colored shoes / ballet flats.

The shorts in lightweight fabric can be worn for dates, parties or the theater. A top with an animal print (for example, a snake) and a light blazer will help you to look stylish. Complete the look with massive silver jewelry: a bracelet, earrings or pendant.

Shorts all year round

Today, shorts are no longer clothing exclusively for the warm season. They are much more practical than skirts, so girls wear them both in autumn and winter. Shorts in a deep green shade are the best way to draw attention to yourself.

However, for the cold season, you need to think over the ensemble more carefully. An obligatory moment is tights or leggings, which will reliably protect you from frost and wind. Beige, gray, brown shades are ideal for green shorts. If you want to choose tights with a pattern, give preference to a striped print located vertically: it will visually lengthen your legs.

Wearing shorts in winter is fashionable today. You can get extra warmth from knitted leggings. Otherwise, choose high boots under the shorts.

Green shorts are great combined with various pullovers, sweatshirts, voluminous vests. They can be either monochromatic or with a variety of patterns. Mittens, chunky knit scarves and hats will become mandatory attributes.

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