How To Get An Emo Haircut

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How To Get An Emo Haircut
How To Get An Emo Haircut

Video: How To Get An Emo Haircut

Video: How To Get An Emo Haircut
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Emo is a youth subculture that grew out of the musical direction of the same name. The main rule for representatives of this culture is not to hide their own emotions and openly present them to the whole world. In addition to original clothes, emo kids can be recognized by their bright hairstyles typical of this trend.

How to get an emo haircut
How to get an emo haircut


Step 1

The most important thing in an emo hairstyle is a torn oblique bang, which must necessarily cover one eye. At the back, such a hairstyle is strands sticking out in different directions. Hair can be of different lengths, many emo prefer to cut it in tiers. Moreover, such haircuts are typical not only for girls, but also for boys. Girls can complement their hairstyle with fun bows and hairpins in bright colors.

Step 2

Another feature of an emo haircut is its color. As a rule, the base of the hairstyle is made ultra-black, and the strands are painted in bright colors: pink, blue or white.

Step 3

To do coloring at home, experts advise to immediately separate the strands that you will decorate in a bright color and wrap them in foil. Then, on the rest of the head, you need to apply the base color, wait a while according to the instructions, wash it off, and only then start dyeing the strands.

Step 4

If you are not sure if black will suit you, then you can try dark chestnut as a base, and make the strands bright red or white.

Step 5

After you have dyed your hair, you need to style it correctly. To do this, apply a strong fixing foam to the hair, blow dry. After that, comb the top strands with a fine comb and style them in different directions using hairspray. Short emo haircuts can be styled with hair gel.

Step 6

If you are not sure that you can color and style your hair yourself, then contact a hairdresser. The master will make you the desired haircut, as well as dye your hair with "feathers" (it is almost impossible to do this at home). In addition, in the arsenal of beauty salons there are special professional paints that allow you to make the strands not only ultra-bright, but also glowing in the dark!

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