How To Take Care Of Your Face For Men

How To Take Care Of Your Face For Men
How To Take Care Of Your Face For Men

Video: How To Take Care Of Your Face For Men

Video: How To Take Care Of Your Face For Men
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A man is considered a brutal and proud creature who must steadfastly endure the hardships that fall on him, the impact of society and the environment. However, he also needs proper care for himself, for his health and appearance. Regular grooming of men's skin is especially important.

Men's skin care
Men's skin care

It should be borne in mind that men's skin differs from women's in acid-base balance and a number of other factors. There is also an obvious difference in the density of the skin, for men it is 0.2 times denser. But men have an advantage that many women would envy. This is the presence of a sufficient amount of melanin and collagen in the skin. It is thanks to this that the representatives of the stronger sex do not know such concepts as early wrinkles or cellulite.

But, due to the presence of a large number of capillaries, men's skin can change color to red and purple. As for the fat glands, their increased activity causes an unhealthy shine, increased sweating, acne and even inflammation. Experts constantly talk about how the shaving procedure adversely affects the skin, reducing its protective mechanisms.

To protect and heal the skin, many different products have been developed, in addition, men need to properly care for their skin.

Take, for example, a regular morning wash, which requires a cleansing gel. It is not worth using soap for this, as it often has an increased alkalinity, which often leads to irritation. But there is also no need to abuse the gel, if it is not caused by pathological fatty secretion.

There are a few rules to help you experience the pleasure of shaving while minimizing the negative effects on your face.

The razor should be comfortable and clean. It is necessary to prevent dullness of the shaving part and replace it more often, because a dull blade causes unpleasant, painful sensations during shaving and irritation after.

Before proceeding with the procedure, the skin must be prepared. For this purpose, a specially designed foam or gel is used, which, when applied, spreads over the skin, allowing the razor to glide smoothly, reducing surface damage and making the process easier and more enjoyable.

Although it should be noted that the gel is not a bad, but not the most ideal remedy, because it can disturb the natural balance of the skin.

Much more delicate are agents called emulsion oils, which make shaving easier than foam and gel. In addition, due to their special properties, they make it possible not to use aftershave lotions, as they leave a protective healing film on the face.

Immediately after shaving, you need to pay attention to the skin in order to restore it after the stress suffered. For these purposes, a variety of creams and balms have been created that have tonic, soothing and healing effects. The choice of these products is possible for any skin.

With age, men observe an increase in dryness and sensitivity of the skin. This is a signal that it is time to forget about all cosmetics containing alcohol. There are a lot of preparations on the cosmetic market that contain natural ingredients that act more gently and take care of the skin.

Washing and shaving is not enough for a complete care. Do not forget about the impact on the skin of extreme temperatures and bad weather. To prevent the deterioration of the condition due to these factors, it is necessary to use creams that help get rid of dryness in the winter and reduce the abundant excretion of fat in the summer.

Time does not stand still, and the body does not get younger over the years, but everyone has the opportunity to prolong the excellent condition of their skin. Now the market for men's cosmetics is "replete" with a variety of care and anti-aging products. Do not neglect the beautician who will help you choose the individual products that are ideal for your skin.