How To Clean Up Your Closet

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How To Clean Up Your Closet
How To Clean Up Your Closet

Video: How To Clean Up Your Closet

Video: How To Clean Up Your Closet

Our closet is a huge storage facility. Sometimes you can find in it what you have long forgotten about. However, it rarely happens that the wardrobe is in complete order, so from time to time you have to clean it up. If you do not want to be unable to find anything after cleaning, it is worth paying some attention to organizing this process.

How to clean up your closet
How to clean up your closet


Diligence, patience, desire


Step 1

Clean out your wardrobe completely. Get all the things out of it and sort them out. Something has already served its time, it is better to say goodbye to such things or send them to live in a closet in the country. It's time to throw away your old sachets, torn tights and worn-out trousers.

Step 2

Examine the closet. It should have a place for clothes that hang on hangers, a shelf for folded things, a drawer for underwear, and at the bottom - a shoe rack. Stock up on enough hangers. Let one thing or suit hang on each hanger so that you don't get confused and don't look for everything several times.

Step 3

If you don't have a shelf for your folded items, make one. To do this, take a board with a length equal to the length of your closet inside, and a little less wide than the wardrobe. Measure the same height on the walls of the cabinet and hammer the nails into the walls, and install the shelf on them. Now you can pack your things.

Step 4

Arrange things in a specific order. For example, trousers first, then skirts, then sweaters. Or in color order. The same goes for shoes. Display it in a specific order, for example, from the darkest to the whites.

Step 5

Wash, iron and fold all things neatly so that if you suddenly oversleep, grabbing things from the shelf, you do not understand that they still need to be ironed or washed off the old stain. Let from now on in your closet there is only clothes ready to wear.

Step 6

You can start packing your items back into the closet. Do it carefully, put those things that you use often closer to you. If it’s summer, then put on all the warm clothes a polyethylene bag and take them to a corner.

Step 7

Don't forget about smells. Buy a new fragrance and put it on one of the shelves. Now your clothes will smell nice, and you don't have to perfume every morning.