How Fun It Is To Sort Out The Closet

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How Fun It Is To Sort Out The Closet
How Fun It Is To Sort Out The Closet

Video: How Fun It Is To Sort Out The Closet

Video: How Fun It Is To Sort Out The Closet
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The ability to dress well depends on many factors. Including on the mood, but the mood directly depends on the order in the closet. Hence it follows: to learn how to dress tastefully, you need to carefully sort out your closet!

Tidy closet cheers up
Tidy closet cheers up


Step 1

Turn on your favorite music and boldly and mercilessly dump all the contents of your wardrobe under it. Trust me, it's even fun!

Step 2

Wipe dust off the shelves first with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth

Step 3

Start trying on outfits by singing and dancing to your favorite music. It should bring you joy. Admire yourself in the mirror in every outfit. Notice how great you look today!

Step 4

Thus, determine which of the things you will no longer wear, put them aside to give to those in need. Do not spare your clothes - the more you give, the more will come back to you!

Step 5

Now sort things. First, understand what items of clothing are wrinkled. Iron these things and hang them neatly on the hangers, you can sort them by color - this is convenient and beautiful. This will protect you from constant ironing, since what is hanging on a hanger and has already been ironed will not get wrinkled when stored in the closet.

Step 6

Then sign the shelves. On a small piece of paper, write, for example: "underwear", "sweaters", "pants". Glue these labels under each shelf.

Step 7

Now put your things according to the signed shelves. Racks of clothes should please your eyes, be even and neat.

Step 8

Now all that remains is to maintain the established order, but from today it will not be difficult at all!