How To Dress In Winter For A Walk

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How To Dress In Winter For A Walk
How To Dress In Winter For A Walk

Video: How To Dress In Winter For A Walk

Video: How To Dress In Winter For A Walk
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In winter, it is very important to dress properly for a walk. Clothing should be warm and comfortable enough. This will allow you to avoid hypothermia and feel comfortable enough.

How to dress in winter for a walk
How to dress in winter for a walk


winter jacket or coat, hat, scarf, warm shoes


Step 1

When going for a walk in winter, choose clothes for the season. In cold weather, a warm sweater will definitely come in handy. It is better that it be woolen. If you doubt that you need such a warm item, put on thermal underwear. It is more versatile and will be appropriate in any weather. In it, you will not freeze in severe frost and will not feel discomfort if it is not very cold outside.

Step 2

Be sure to wear warm pants. This will avoid many health problems in the future. Wear thickly insulated pants under a cropped jacket. Such models can be purchased in specialized stores that sell goods for winter sports.

Step 3

An elongated synthetic winter coat or down jacket is ideal for a walk. Choose outerwear models that are zipped along the entire length. The zipper should be closed by a strap fastened on one side with rivets or buttons. Pay attention to jackets with a high neckline. An additional plus is the presence of a clip-on hood.

Step 4

Choose shoes that are comfortable and warm enough. In this case, leather boots or ankle boots with fur are ideal. For walking, choose shoes without heels. Its sole should not be slippery.

Step 5

Don't forget to wear a scarf and hat. Wool hats are great for the winter season. Wear models with fur only in very severe frost. The scarf should be knitted from natural yarn, preferably woolen. Do not wear a scarf that is too long, as this can create some inconvenience when walking.

Step 6

Be sure to wear gloves or mittens. They will help protect your hands from chapping. Choose woolen gloves or mittens for walking, as they warm you much better than leather ones.

Step 7

Do not wear outerwear with fur in snowy weather. Wet fur collars and cuffs look very ugly and create some discomfort. A fur coat is not very suitable clothing for walking, especially if its fur is long enough.