Makeup Base - What Is It?

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Makeup Base - What Is It?
Makeup Base - What Is It?

Video: Makeup Base - What Is It?

Video: Makeup Base - What Is It?

Every morning of any girl / woman begins with a special ritual - after taking a bath, an image is created. Based on a make-up base. Or a primer? What to choose and what is the difference, probably not only I wondered this question.

primer - how to select and apply
primer - how to select and apply

Base or base

A make-up base is a cosmetic product that evens out the complexion and allows you to mask imperfections in the skin, adding smoothness to it. The base and the base serve the same function. Different names are used because of the inconsistency in the translation of the English phrase “makeup primer” - primer.


How difficult it is to understand the definition of that product. which is right for you, since modern cosmetology provides a huge selection of means to improve the image of a woman. Of course, you can do without the foundation, cosmetics, and talk about natural beauty. But what to do if over time the skin loses its unmatched natural color and various redness appears. Or if the skin initially has wide pores. This is what modern means are needed.

Types of bases

It is very important to know what lies at the heart of the base and it depends on this choice whether it will “work” for you. What effect can be achieved when applying it. To do this, you need to understand what are the bases, because there are so many of them.

  • Silicone - this foundation is ideal for women with dry skin, which has a tendency to peeling and with minor imperfections such as redness, age spots. It goes well with powder.
  • The green base is a corrective agent that should be applied pointwise, only on obvious imperfections on the face. Well hides acne, vascular network. Then you should apply a foundation or powder of a dense consistency.
  • A foundation is a good solution if the skin has significant imperfections. It will help to mask them, even out the complexion - giving it a healthy and well-groomed look. It can be used with powder.
  • Mattifying agents - suitable for everyone with oily skin. They will help absorb excess sebum secretion, which neutralizes the ugly shine. Makeup from such a base lasts longer, it is recommended to use it with loose powder.
  • The smoothing base is an excellent solution for women whose skin has begun to fade. It perfectly cope with the task of evening out skin tone, hiding wrinkles and minor age spots.
  • Transparent - the ideal base for girls who have no imperfections or very young skin. This base is indistinguishable on the skin, its function is to give freshness, emphasize the blooming appearance.
  • Moisturizing - the purpose of such a foundation is to moisturize and nourish the skin, make it silky. An excellent solution in the summer, when you need to especially monitor the hydration of the skin.
  • Shimmer - contains reflective particles that give the skin a healthy glow. These include emulsions.

You also need to determine which consistency will be more convenient for application:

  • liquid (fluid, primer) - the lightest coverage, makes the skin even and matte;
  • firm (stick) - a fairly dense coating, ideal for use with problem skin - masking blemishes, acne, acne scars;
  • creamy (pudding primers) - a combination of pigment and powder, which gives an excellent opportunity to hide age spots, circles under the eyes, vascular network (rosacea);
  • gel-like - recommended for women with oily or combination skin. Foundations fit perfectly on such a basis;
  • dry - similar to powder, but denser in structure, produced in a crumbly form, it is recommended for women with oily or combination skin.

Selection rules

Before choosing a base, you need to decide on the type of your skin, on the ease of application and if there is a tendency to allergies, first familiarize yourself with the composition. An allergic reaction can be caused by pigments, fragrances, preservatives, dimethicone. After picking up the base, test it on the inside of the hand. Care must be taken when choosing a silicone base. For its use, a pea-sized product is enough to apply on the entire face, it is enough for a very long period of time, ideally masks imperfections. But the dimethicone and cyclomethicone contained in it can, on the contrary, cause clogging of the pores, which, on the contrary, causes inflammation. Not suitable for problem skin.

For women, products with a creamy texture are suitable, which is also easy to use: it is convenient to apply with sponges (you can slightly moisturize, for better use, even distribution of the product), brushes. For better, fluids and emulsions are suitable. For the choice it is worth making on bases with a powder base or a leveling makeup base. For better, pick up with a lifting effect and caring components - antioxidants, vitamins.

… It is recommended to use your usual care before the base, after it has been absorbed, you can proceed to the base. In no case should you rub it like a cream: with light movements from the forehead to the chin, centimeter by centimeter we pass our face. If, after completing the process, you see wrinkles or a dash, this means that a lot of the product has been applied, you should use a sponge and blot the excess. We give a few minutes for adaptation and you can continue makeup.

But there is another way to apply a primer - to mix the foundation and foundation, then apply to the skin, so you can avoid the mask effect, and all defects will be hidden. It will also help to eliminate such a problem. like the difference in the color of the face and neck. Cosmetologists do not advise using foundations every day, especially as they replace basic facial care, since these products can clog pores, even if they contain vitamin complexes.

Colored bases

Pigmented bases are used to correct skin tone:

  1. green tint - elimination of redness
  2. purple and lilac bases - yellowness correction
  3. blue tones - helps to cope with yellowness of the skin
  4. white base - creating a porcelain skin effect
  5. beige - neutral - evening out the tone, it is possible to replace the foundation
  6. yellow - elimination of swelling and blue tint of the skin around the eyes
  7. pink - on the contrary, gives a healthy look to the skin, eliminating painful pallor.

Following the recommendations, one more emphasis should be made when choosing a foundation - it is advisable to choose those products that have a sun protection factor. Ultraviolet light breaks down collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin and therefore wrinkles appear. In the autumn-winter period, SPF 15 is suitable, in the spring and summer it is better to increase the protection factor to 30-35.

You also need to pay attention to the base for the eyelids. You cannot use the same product for the face and eyes, since the base for the face has a dense structure and, on the contrary, will dry out the skin around the eyes, contributing to the formation of new wrinkles. an eyelid primer hides blood vessels, allows you to even out the color, does not allow the shadows to roll into folds.

Lip Foundation - Helps to prolong the hold of the lipstick and also prevents it from spreading. There are basics that visually add volume to the lips - plumpers. Basic products moisturize and nourish the lips. Available in the form of lipsticks, pencils, balms.

Mascara base helps to make lashes look longer and fuller. On a good base, completely dried after application, any mascara will lay down without lumps and sticking. Taking care of herself, using any cosmetic products with pleasure, a woman becomes a little happier.

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