How To Get Rid Of A Bulging Belly

How To Get Rid Of A Bulging Belly
How To Get Rid Of A Bulging Belly

Video: How To Get Rid Of A Bulging Belly

Video: How To Get Rid Of A Bulging Belly
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Not everyone understands that the secret of a flat stomach is not only about regular exercise and a sensible diet. There are other factors that interfere with making your abs perfect.

How to get rid of a bulging belly
How to get rid of a bulging belly

Increased gas formation

The problem of increased gas production lies in the wrong diet. The abdomen with such a problem is hard and swollen. Cramping pains often occur in the abdomen.

- Possibly high content in the diet of carbohydrate foods: corn, potatoes, wheat grits or bran and fruit rich in fiber and pectin. Microorganisms in the intestines, digesting carbohydrates (their favorite food, by the way) form gases.

- If the diet is not balanced, then this also leads to increased gas production. This can be an excess of meat food with a lack of fiber. There is a feeling of "fullness" of the stomach.

- The reason may lie in the individual reaction to certain foods. The synthesis of some enzymes that are involved in the digestion of food is reduced in the body. So, due to a decrease in lactose, milk intolerance can occur.

- Swallowing air while eating may cause bloating. The gases swallowed enter the intestines and cause discomfort.

- Identify products that cause gassing. This can be done by temporarily excluding legumes, grapes, rye bread, cabbage, milk and mushrooms from the diet. It is necessary to monitor the reaction of the body, gradually returning products to the menu. If a provocateur is found, communication with him should be kept to a minimum.

- Saturate the diet with fiber. Its source is fruits and vegetables. They are best eaten boiled, steamed or baked; raw they can cause gas formation.

- An ambulance for bloating can be provided by teas with dill seeds or fennel, adsorbents, a heating pad on the stomach, massage of the abdomen in a circular motion.

Features of the figure

- For those who have an "apple" figure, fat deposition in the waist area is characteristic. At the same time, the volume of the hips and waist is almost the same. Fat deposits inside the abdominal cavity can provoke a malfunction of the internal organs. The risk of developing stroke, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis increases.

- Balance the diet, eating small fractional portions, reduce the amount of animal fats and carbohydrates in the diet, increase fiber intake.

- It is necessary to make efforts and get rid of bad habits, which are alcohol and smoking. They contribute to the deposition of fat by slowing down the metabolic processes in the body.

- Increase the amount of time to sleep. The body is stressed by sleep deprivation. This increases the production of cortisol, the hormone responsible for fat storage. 6 hours of sleep is enough for an adult.

Poor posture

- Many women are characterized by lordosis - excessive deflection in the lower back. With this posture, the stomach protrudes. It is caused by weak back muscles. The presence of lordosis is not difficult to identify. You need to stand with your back to the wall. If the palm without thumb passes freely between the lower back and the wall, then there is excess bend.

- First of all, you need to do the strengthening of the back muscles. Strength and Pilates workouts are fine. Courses of massage and manual therapy will help.

- It is important to maintain correct posture: wear a special corset and perform special gymnastics.

Gynecological diseases

The abdomen can become enlarged due to inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, tumors of the uterus or ovaries. These diseases are accompanied by pain in the lower back and abdomen, excessive and unusual vaginal discharge, intermenstrual bleeding.

Gynecological diseases can occur without symptoms, and therefore, at least twice a year, an examination by a gynecologist is necessary.

Diseases of the digestive organs

A change in acidity in the duodenum or stomach can lead to increased gas production. Bloating accompanies gastritis, inflammation of the pancreas or liver.

It is imperative to consult a doctor, only he can prescribe an examination and make the correct diagnosis.

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