Why Breast Augmentation: Pros And Cons

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Why Breast Augmentation: Pros And Cons
Why Breast Augmentation: Pros And Cons

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In the modern world, many women are simply raving about breast augmentation, but their motivation is not always clear. Often, a woman gets rid of complexes with the help of silicone breasts. Some fulfill the wishes and sexual addictions of their soulmates. Despite the spoiled women, there are those who really need such an operation.

Why breast augmentation: pros and cons
Why breast augmentation: pros and cons

Pros of silicone breasts

The services of a plastic surgeon are needed by women who:

- too small, undeveloped or underdeveloped breasts;

- atrophy of the mammary glands;

- there is a need to restore the bust.

Some still need to move away from such a thought, if there is:

- allergies;

- the presence of serious diseases;

- inflammation of the mammary glands.

And also on this topic it is worth thinking about those whose occupation cannot afford to decorate their breasts with artificial silicone.

Yet, despite the wide divergence of opinion, there are both pros and cons. The owner of silicone charms should not be so condemned, because in reality not all have breasts of 3 sizes, therefore breast augmentation is only a defense mechanism against other people's ridicule and personal complexes. In this case, the plastic surgeon comes out as a magician, fulfilling desires and fighting with nature, brings the woman's appearance closer to the ideal. There is nothing shameful when a woman wants to look beautiful and goes to her dreams.

Another plus of surgical intervention by a plastic doctor is to help those who need surgery due to circumstances. After all, no one knows what lies in wait for him around the corner. An accident, injury, illness - all this can contribute to the need for breast plastic surgery. In this case, the silicone breast only makes up for the deficiency.

Cons of silicone breasts

There is no limit to perfection and it is good when a woman wants to achieve the ideal. But the ideal should be natural. Many, having done such an operation once, cannot stop at one result, and everyone cuts and cuts their bust, then shortening, then increasing.

So, the following list of cons are proposed:

1. Unnatural.

2. Not all men praise great charms. Many agree that a medium size may be sufficient. And someone generally has their own proportions of the ideal in the head.

3. Severe deformation. Poorly performed operation.

4. Loss of sensitivity in the chest area.

5. Silicone breasts have the ability to move to another location.

Silicone and pregnancy

There is an opinion that silicone breastfeeding is impossible or an allergic reaction may occur. In most cases, this is not the case. Such problems can occur only when the woman has implants of low-quality, dubious origin implants.

The conclusion about breast augmentation can be as follows: the decision always remains with each individual. You can only give advice: before going under the surgeon's knife, it is worth weighing all the personal pros and cons, and when choosing a doctor, you should show special care. And the most important thing is to remain yourself and not violate the naturalness given by parents and nature.

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