How To Improve The Oval Of The Face

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How To Improve The Oval Of The Face
How To Improve The Oval Of The Face

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Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and female beauty fades a little with age. You should not be sad and mourn the past charm - this will not add beauty, but on the contrary, new facial wrinkles will appear and the eyelids will swell. Armed with knowledge, embark on the struggle to preserve youth.

How to improve the oval of the face
How to improve the oval of the face


Step 1

In fact, the condition of the face depends on several factors: the condition of the muscle tissue, the condition of the skin and its moisture. This means that in order to improve the oval of the face, it is necessary to act on all fronts at the same time.

Step 2

To improve the tone of the facial muscles, it is necessary to perform exercises, they are quite simple and even, one might say, funny. Wash your face in the morning and evening, apply cream and start facial physical education.

Step 3

Press your chin to your chest with effort, tilt your head back, rotate your head (without sudden movements). Then take a pencil or toothbrush with your teeth and write the words in the air, increasing the number of letters each time. For the face, you can arrange a contrast shower - the alternation of cold and hot water will improve blood circulation and tone.

Step 4

The next step is to improve the condition of the skin. Its structure deteriorates with age, it loses its elasticity and firmness due to the fact that it reduces the production of collagen and elastin, slows down the renewal of skin cells.

Step 5

Choose a good age-related skin care complex: moisturizer, nourishing serum, masks. As a rule, these are preparations with the content of retinol, AHA and BHA hydro acids and vitamin C. Regular cosmetic care started in time will do the lion's share of the work on the face oval. If you missed the moment or the creams do not cope, it's time to go to the beautician's chair. Now there are a lot of salon procedures that can improve the oval of the face.

Step 6

Mesotherapy removes medium-sized fat deposits and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin through injections of special cocktails. Myostimulation with the help of impulse currents improves blood circulation in vessels and capillaries, accelerates metabolism.

Step 7

Massage, manual or vacuum, also improves blood circulation in the facial area. Facial contouring - the introduction of fillers under the skin - kills two birds with one stone. First, the face is smoothed by filling in wrinkles; secondly, the injected hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture in the skin.

Step 8

Contouring is also suitable for correcting the oval of the face for women who do not yet have age-related problems, but who are unhappy with the very shape of their face. With the help of gel fillers, you can raise the line of the cheekbones, fill in the cavities in the cheeks. A worthy replacement for plastic surgery, however, for a fairly short period - up to one and a half years.

Step 9

You can improve the oval of the face with makeup and hairstyles. For example, bangs will shorten an overly elongated face, side strands will narrow an overly wide face, or cover a heavy chin. With the help of blush, you can also visually correct the shape of the face.

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