How To Calculate Your Calorie Corridor

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How To Calculate Your Calorie Corridor
How To Calculate Your Calorie Corridor

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When we need to put our body in order, we need to know all the ways and techniques that can help in this. One of them is limiting the calories consumed. How to calculate your calorie corridor?

How to calculate your calorie corridor
How to calculate your calorie corridor


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What are kilocalories? It is a unit of measure for the energy consumed by our body. The minimum consumption of kilocalories is 1 kCal per 1 kg of a person's weight per hour. That is, with a weight of 55 kg, the number of kilocalories per hour is 55. This makes it possible to ensure the vital activity of the body at rest. But much more energy is required for work, sports and outdoor activities.

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How to calculate how many calories you need per day? Scientists have long since calculated the daily energy expenditure for people of different sexes and ages. Women (kCall) Men (kCall)

sedentary work 2300 - 2400 2600 - 2700 active 2800 - 2900 3200 - 3300 heavy physical activity 3200 - 3300 4000 - 4100 pregnant 2800 - 2900 -

lactating mothers 3400 - 3500 -

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But you can only adhere to this table approximately. And if, when using the amount of energy calculated by scientists, you still gain weight, you need to act in other ways. Try to calculate your calorie corridor using the formula recommended by some nutritionists - your ideal weight (IW) x24. Example: your ideal weight is 65 kg x 24 = 1560 kcal. This is exactly how much you need to consume per day in order not to lose weight and not get fat.

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The corridor for losing weight is 900 - 1200 kcal per day. If you keep within these numbers, then the weight loss will be significant. But you shouldn't consume less than 600 kcal per day. Your metabolism will slow down greatly, and weight loss will stop.

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Plus, if you're looking to lose weight, it's best not to just stick to a healthy diet and limit yourself to fatty and sugary foods. It is advisable to go in for sports at least 2-3 times a week. If it doesn't work out, walk more. Walk a couple of stops from work to home. Do this regularly. And then you will very soon reach your ideal weight and forget about those extra pounds forever.

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