What Is The "Saucer" Diet

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What Is The "Saucer" Diet
What Is The "Saucer" Diet

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Diet "Saucer" is very popular not only among the stars of domestic show business, but also among Hollywood celebrities. This diet helps those who are losing weight save themselves from counting calories and weighing food, because the measure of one serving is an ordinary tea saucer.

What is diet
What is diet

Principles of the "Saucer" diet

The basic principle of the "Saucer" diet is to limit single portions to the amount of food that fits into one tea saucer no more than 10 cm in diameter. In this case, you need to eat four times a day, and the loss of excess weight is about 5 kilograms per week.

Compliance with this diet helps to accustom the body to smaller portions of food, so that you will not overeat after the diet.

At the first stage of the diet, a losing weight person gets used to small portions. You can eat any food, but they should fit in a saucer, and not rise up as a hill or fall out of the dishes. Those with a sweet tooth can afford to eat one dessert; choose unsweetened foods for the rest of the meals. Distribute meals evenly: breakfast - at 8.00, lunch - at 12.00, afternoon tea - at 16.00, dinner - at 19.00.

At the second stage of the "Saucer" diet, you must learn to choose the right foods. If you are used to eating fast food, instant noodles, sausages, cakes and other not very healthy foods, you will not achieve a noticeable result in the first stage of the diet.

Gradually accustom yourself to eating healthy foods: lean meat and fish, skinless chicken, dairy products, cereals, vegetables and fruits. Avoid fried, salty, smoked, fatty, give up mayonnaise, ketchup, lemonades. Drinking during the diet should be pure and mineral water, tea or coffee without sugar, herbal infusions, vegetable or fruit juices diluted with water.

The second stage should be continued until the desired weight is reached.

Disadvantages of diet

According to experts, a significant disadvantage of the "Saucer" diet is the lack of plant foods in the diet. With a lack of fiber, problems with intestinal peristalsis arise, due to a lack of vitamins, eyesight, the condition of the skin, hair and nails deteriorate, and immunity weakens. To minimize dietary deficiencies, it is necessary to take vitamin complexes and eat bran in powder form.

Sample menu of the "Saucer" diet

For breakfast, you can eat whole grain or rye bread toast with tomato and cheese, an omelet with herbs or a boiled egg, muesli with yogurt, oatmeal in water with dried fruit.

For lunch, you can cook stewed vegetables with sour cream, vegetable soup with rye bread croutons, boiled meat with vegetable salad, mashed potatoes with mushrooms and chicken.

For an afternoon snack, pamper yourself with a fruit salad with yogurt, a cinnamon roll, a pancake with berries, kefir with fruit, a banana-strawberry smoothie, and cottage cheese.

Dinner should be light, but nutritious enough so that you don't feel too hungry at night. Prepare 100 g of baked fish with beans or asparagus, vegetable stew, rye bread, tuna and tomato sandwich, salad of any vegetables with a teaspoon of vegetable oil.

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