How To Wear Orange Pumps

How To Wear Orange Pumps
How To Wear Orange Pumps

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According to psychologists, orange is a symbol of optimism and change. Psychotherapists recommend looking at orange more often when the energy breaks down, because this color can give vigor and energy. Therefore, buying orange shoes can become a symbol of new life.

How to wear orange pumps
How to wear orange pumps

It should be admitted that orange is not the easiest color to combine with other colors, because it has a very rich shade. But the stylists managed to find several proven combinations that look guaranteed possible. Consider the most successful combinations of orange shoes with other elements of women's wardrobe.

Orange shoes and blue things. Blue and orange are opposite colors, like pink and cyan. Combining these two bright colors, you emphasize juicy shades, they complement each other perfectly. Here's a tried-and-true combination - blue jeans and bright orange shoes. Take note of this combination.

Orange shoes and white clothes. White and black are believed to go well with anything. But with orange, this trick will not work. Black trousers with orange shoes look comical, you will become like a pumpkin for Halloween, and you are unlikely to like it. But with white, orange shoes look original, fresh.

Orange shoes and neutral colors. You can pick up some kind of warm base in brown, beige or dark gray. This will help make the orange shoes stand out, highlighting their deep color. Be sure to supplement such a set with several accessories - a handbag, a scarf, jewelry.

In addition, with the right selection, orange shoes can be combined with pink, green or printed things. Just observe harmony, it is extremely important not to overdo it with brightness.

And finally, let's answer the question, where can you wear orange shoes? Stylists assure that orange patent leather shoes can be worn even for work, and delicate shades of orange are suitable even for a wedding.

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