Does Felt Shoes Get Wet

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Does Felt Shoes Get Wet
Does Felt Shoes Get Wet

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Anyone who sees a pair of comfortable and beautiful felt boots or boots immediately thinks about how practical they are. Not everyone knows whether such shoes get wet and how to properly care for them.

Does felt shoes get wet
Does felt shoes get wet

Felt is a fibrous nonwoven fabric that is a thin, combed felt. It is produced from the fluff of rabbits, hares, and sometimes from the wool of sheep, so it is very useful and environmentally friendly. Today, when products made from natural fibers are once again very popular, felt has become actively used not only in the production of hats, but also for the manufacture of all kinds of shoes, interior decor items and toys.

Advantages and disadvantages of felt shoes

Any felt products are solid and attractive. Home slippers made of it are soft and comfortable, children's boots are bright and elegant, women's boots are stylish and memorable. If you pick up shoes made of natural felt, you will immediately feel how warm and pleasant to the touch they are.

Besides, felt shoes are very beautiful. Since this material is easy to dye, products made from it usually have the widest color palette. Unfortunately, felt shoes also have a certain disadvantage - this is its high hygroscopicity. Real felt gets wet literally in a matter of seconds.

How to distinguish between real and synthetic felt shoes

Shoes are inconspicuous, not too bright, resembling felt boots, usually made of 100% felt. Such products are comfortable to wear, perfectly retain their shape, but they get wet and are much more expensive than similar shoes made of synthetic materials.

Dressy shoes in bold colors are usually made from cheap acrylic felt. It practically does not get wet, does not fade, lasts a long time, but it is synthetic. Viscose felt is very similar in appearance to the real one, but it contains only 30-40% wool. Accordingly, viscose felt shoes get wet.

How to properly care for felt shoes

Do not give up felt shoes just because they can get wet. If you want your feet not only to look beautiful, but also to stay dry, use special water repellents. You can buy an impregnation that contains casein, fish or wood glue, or you can use a special impregnation for felt shoes with silicone sealants.

If the felt shoes are still dirty and wet, they must be washed in warm soapy water. Then wipe with a clean dry cloth, fill with crumpled paper, newspaper or foam crumbs and dry at room temperature away from heating appliances. Dry shoes can be cleaned with a medium bristle brush or fine-grain emery paper.

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