How To Sew A Strapless Dress

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How To Sew A Strapless Dress
How To Sew A Strapless Dress

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Truly elegant clothing emphasizes the figure's dignity and makes imperfections invisible. A strapless dress is no exception in this sense. Its task is to highlight the beauty of the shoulders. Even a novice dressmaker can sew a light summer dress without strapless. Making an evening dress requires some experience, but if you want to sew it is also easy.

The strapless dress is held in place by the precise fit
The strapless dress is held in place by the precise fit


  • For summer dress:
  • - lightweight fabric;
  • - linen elastic;
  • - tape measure;
  • - tailor's meter;
  • - crayon;
  • - sewing accessories.
  • For evening dress;
  • - dense fabric;
  • - corset pattern;
  • - lightning;
  • - sewing accessories.


Step 1

If you are just starting to make clothes, start with a summer dress. Crepe de Chine, gauze, satin are suitable for him. Silk or thin flowing knitwear is also suitable, but working with these fabrics has its own specifics.

Step 2

Measure the length of the garment from the armpit to the bottom line. As for the rest of the measurements, then you just need to know the approximate volume of the hips in order to choose the right cut width. It should be larger than the full hip girth. In this case, to calculate the amount of fabric, you need to add 10 cm to the length of the product for processing the top and bottom and another 5 cm for the drawstring, which will be located on the waist line. The top drawstring can be made one-piece, just hem the top edge. The dress will have one seam on the back. If the width of the cut is less than the volume of the thighs, the amount of fabric will have to be doubled. In this case, the dress will have two side seams.

Step 3

Spread the cut face down on a horizontal surface. Cut a strip for the middle drawstring. Divide the edges in half. Connect the resulting points. This will be the waist line. From it, set aside 2 cm up and down and draw lines parallel to it.

Step 4

Prepare the middle drawstring. Fold the long edges 0.5 cm to the wrong side and iron. Baste drawstrings, then stitch on. The top edge can be finished immediately. Fold it 0, 5 and 3 cm and stitch. This can also be done on the front side with a finishing stitch.

Step 5

Baste and stitch the back seam (or two side seams if you are sewing in a narrow fabric). Hem the bottom. Insert a rubber band into the drawstrings. The dress is ready.

Step 6

It is better to sew an evening dress from dense fabric - velvet or thick silk. For him, you also need a corset pattern. It is best to order it in an atelier, since making such a pattern is a rather laborious process and, moreover, requires great precision.

Step 7

Transfer the corset pattern to graph paper. This pattern is usually done up to the hip line, that is, to the widest part of the figure. The pattern must be extended to the expected length of the skirt.

Step 8

The fabric calculation is the same as for the first dress. Move the pattern to the wrong side of the fabric. The share thread should be located along the length of the product. The seam of the skirt and the zipper will be in the back. Further, the order of work will be as follows:

- sweep the grooves;

- try on the blank;

- correct the grooves;

- Sweep and sew the lower part of the skirt seam;

- Sew in a zipper;

- process the top and bottom.

This dress is kept on the figure due to the cut. That is why an accurate pattern is needed.

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