How To Repaint A Thing

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How To Repaint A Thing
How To Repaint A Thing

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A favorite thing can fade and lose the brightness of color. Or maybe you bought or sewed an item that fits perfectly, but you are not satisfied with its color. Or maybe you just want novelty and experimentation. That's what fabric dyes are for. It is quite simple to repaint a thing at home.

How to repaint a thing
How to repaint a thing


Step 1

Check the composition of the fabric before dyeing. Natural materials lend themselves well to coloring - cotton, viscose, silk, linen - or those that mostly consist of them. When buying a dye, read the recommendations on the packaging to find out if the dye is suitable for dyeing your type of fabric.

Step 2

Consider the general rules for mixing colors. Light-colored fabrics are easier to repaint dramatically. Dark ones are more difficult to stain. For example, if your item is blue, then when you paint it with red paint, you will most likely get a shade closer to purple.

Step 3

Prepare the item for painting, wipe off all dirt in order to ensure it is evenly stained in the future. Whiten the fabric as needed. If you are going to use the so-called "knot" staining technique, twist the material as needed.

Step 4

Prepare special dishes in which you will dilute the coloring composition. It is better to take an enameled container without cracks, chips and other defects. Dilute the dye following the instructions. Place it carefully so that there are no lumps or blobs of ink to avoid uneven staining of the fabric.

Step 5

Dip the garment into the dye solution so that no exposed areas of fabric remain above the water. The thing must be completely immersed in the train and float freely in it. If necessary, slightly submerge it with a spoon, then rinse the spoon with plenty of water.

Step 6

Place the container on fire and let it simmer for the amount of time indicated in the instructions. As a rule, it is one and a half to two hours. Check the item periodically, "sink" it in the dye composition as needed.

Step 7

After the specified time has elapsed, remove the item from the dye and let it cool down. Rinse the item thoroughly in cold water until the water is clear and clear. Excess dye solution can be washed out of the garment during several subsequent washes, but this also happens with factory garments.

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