How To Choose Jeans Size

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How To Choose Jeans Size
How To Choose Jeans Size

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Jeans should be in every woman's wardrobe, regardless of her style, age and preferences. If you prefer these comfortable and undeniably pretty pants over regular pants, you must have multiple pairs. But even if you wear only skirts, jeans are perfect for country trips to nature and walks with your beloved on long winter evenings. But how to choose the right size? After all, there is nothing on the label that even roughly resembles the usual 42-44?

How to choose jeans size
How to choose jeans size


Step 1

Ask a sales assistant for help. Of course, this is the easiest and fastest option. Today, all branded stores offer qualified sellers to help their customers. You can significantly save time for yourself and the consultant if you name your Russian size and style that you would like to purchase. Of course, you can also choose on your own, but keep in mind that the sellers already know exactly all the nuances regarding the size of this or that manufacturer and will be able to choose the model you need with this in mind.

Step 2

Choose the size yourself. You can figure out the sizes of jeans on your own. The first thing to look out for is the label with numbers and letters. Usually the manufacturer specifies two parameters there. Something like W27 L30. So what does this mean? The first letter W is nothing more than waist. The number next to this letter is your waist width in inches. Some jeans stores have special size matching tables, but you may well remember the simplified version - your size is minus 16. If, for example, you wear 48, feel free to subtract 16 from this value and get 32.

Step 3

The second number on the label indicates the length (L). This is the crotch length of the jeans (that is, the distance from the crotch to the end of the leg). Here you just need to remember the number that corresponds to your height. 30 - for a height of 164 cm, 31 - for 170 cm, and 32 - for women from 176 cm and above. Of course, any jeans must be measured. It is impossible to find the exact size based solely on the numbers on the label.

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