How To Tie A Palestinian Scarf

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How To Tie A Palestinian Scarf
How To Tie A Palestinian Scarf

Video: How To Tie A Palestinian Scarf

Video: How To Tie A Palestinian Scarf
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A Palestinian scarf or arafatka is a traditional Arabic headdress. However, it has long been popular in our country. This fashionable accessory can be worn both on the neck and on the head, while there are many ways to tie a Palestinian scarf.

How to tie a Palestinian scarf
How to tie a Palestinian scarf


  • - Palestinian scarf;
  • - badges.


Step 1

The first method is suitable for informals. Take a Palestinian scarf folded in a triangle and spread it out on any flat surface first. Take the product by the edges and place it on your face under the bridge of your nose. At the same time, pull the edge in the right hand slightly and place it on the neck on the left, and pull the edge in the left hand harder and place it on the shoulder on the right. Insert the longer end into the collar that has formed.

Step 2

The second way is for those who appreciate the practicality of things. Place the Palestinian woman on a flat surface. Take the top of the scarf and fold it down about 10 cm. Next, attach the scarf to your face so that it covers your lips. Pull the Palestinian woman by the edges. When folded, the hanging edge will be more voluminous. It can also be inserted into the gate. This method is suitable for protection from cold and wind.

Step 3

Also, a Palestinian woman can be tied around the neck to form tourniquets. To do this, place the product folded diagonally so that the wider part is on the chest. Now wrap the ends around the neck, having previously wound the harnesses from them. Someone else prefers to attach badges with various inscriptions and symbols to such a scarf.

Step 4

To tie a Palestinian on your head, fold it in half and wrap the ends around your head using a twist. Also, the scarf can be extended in length so that the edge of the long side is just in the middle of the forehead. After that, twist the edges of the Palestinian into bundles and wrap them around the head, starting from the forehead. Tie the back of the scarf with pigtails.

Step 5

A Palestinian scarf is a wardrobe item that you can experiment with. Therefore, feel free to fantasize with such a product, coming up with your own way to wear a Palestinian woman. Please note that certain canons for wearing such a garment exist exclusively in Arab countries.