How To Tell A Beaver From A Shorn Rabbit

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How To Tell A Beaver From A Shorn Rabbit
How To Tell A Beaver From A Shorn Rabbit

Video: How To Tell A Beaver From A Shorn Rabbit

Video: How To Tell A Beaver From A Shorn Rabbit
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Often, valuable fur is counterfeited and the rabbit is passed off as a beaver. To show caution and knowledge of the issue when buying a fur product has a direct meaning - beaver fur is worn for twelve seasons, rabbit fur - for three.

How to tell a beaver from a shorn rabbit
How to tell a beaver from a shorn rabbit


  • - beaver fur;
  • - rabbit fur.


Step 1

Check the tags on the lining of the fur, it should say beaver, not rabbit or rex (beaver is most often and most successfully faked from rex rabbits) or even weasel. Often, only the seller tries to pass off the rabbit fur as a beaver, and the manufacturer did not have the goal of concealing that he sewed, for example, a fur coat not from a beaver, but "like a beaver."

Step 2

Feel the seams: the beaver has large skins, rectangles of 30x50-40x65 centimeters are made of them, which are then sewn together. Processed rabbit skins and plucked nutria are much smaller in size: 25x30, 25x35 centimeters. Check the size of the skins from which the product is sewn.

Step 3

Feel the flesh of a beaver, it is dense, much denser than a rabbit. If it is crunchy or has a yellowish color, then the skins are of poor quality.

Step 4

Blow on the fur: the beaver skin is practically not blown to the skin. Remember that beaver fur is a rather unsightly greyish brown, not all the bright and clean colors that can be offered.

Step 5

Stroke the fur with your palm; you should feel a slight tingling sensation. This is how the guard hair pricks; in the beaver it is very hard. The rabbit is just soft to the touch.

Step 6

Please note: the beaver fur, because of the thick down, is perpendicular to the skin, and the rabbit fur lies. The beaver fur is water-repellent, in the store you are unlikely to be allowed to wet the product, but if you have already bought a fur product, you can check: the beaver will only get wet on top.

Step 7

Weigh the product on your hand, the beaver fur is heavy, no matter how well it is dressed. Ask me to show you something from rabbit fur and compare the weight: a beaver is much heavier.

Step 8

Ask for a coupon so that you can be documented that they are selling a beaver, and not something else. Give a fur product for examination at the Research Institute of the Fur Industry, ANO Soyuzexpertiza of the RF CCI (SOEKS), Research Institute of Commodity Expertise or another institution that provides similar services. This is the most reliable way.

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