How To Sew Harem Pants

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How To Sew Harem Pants
How To Sew Harem Pants

Video: How To Sew Harem Pants

Video: How To Sew Harem Pants
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In oriental dances, various variations of dance costumes are allowed, and if some like to dance in skirts of different styles, others prefer harem pants, which favorably emphasize the figure and make the costume even more exotic. Externally, harem pants can look different, depending on the fabric from which you sew them - it can be light and airy chiffon trousers, or it can be heavy and elegant harem pants made of velvet or satin.

How to sew harem pants
How to sew harem pants


Step 1

Once you've selected your fabric, take your measurements to see how much fabric you need to buy. Measure your hips and your height. With a hip circumference of up to 95 cm, one length of fabric will be enough for you. Calculate the length of the trousers with an increase of 10 cm for a shuttlecock with an elastic band at the bottom of the legs. Accordingly, if your height is 160-170 cm, you will need 110-115 cm of fabric with a width of 140-150 cm.

Step 2

Fold the fabric in half twice. On the side of the resulting rectangle, on which you see two folds, mark the step seam, measuring 10 cm in width and 25 cm in length. Draw these lines with chalk towards each other, and then smoothly round the place of their intersection. Use tailor's pins to pin together the fabric. Cut the fabric along the flowing line you marked.

Step 3

Expand the workpiece and cut into two parts exactly in the middle. Two pieces with a semicircular cut at the top are your future pant legs. Fold them right in, sweep by hand, then grind and overcast the crotch seams. Flip the legs over and connect the side cuts.

Step 4

If you do not plan to make side cuts on trousers, neaten the side cuts and sew on a typewriter. There are two types of slits on trousers - solid and double. For solid cuts, overcast the edges of the fabric at the side cuts, and then sew the side seams 10 cm at the top and 10 cm at the bottom.

Step 5

Overlock the loose edges of the fabric in the cuts. For double cuts, do the same, but sew an additional 1 cm in the knee area.

Step 6

After finishing the side seams, baste the top of the pants by tucking it in 4 cm, and then sew, leaving a hole for the elastic. Thread a wide elastic through the resulting belt, sew it on, and close the hole.

Step 7

Fold the bottom edges of the legs twice by 1.5 cm, and in the same way as in the belt, insert an elastic band into each leg. Your dance bloomers are ready.

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