How To Choose Clothes For A Flat Figure

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How To Choose Clothes For A Flat Figure
How To Choose Clothes For A Flat Figure

Video: How To Choose Clothes For A Flat Figure

Video: How To Choose Clothes For A Flat Figure
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A beautiful figure by nature is not given to all women. Exercise and diet help bring it to the desired form. However, many disadvantages, in particular the lack of feminine forms, can be completely hidden by choosing the right clothes.

How to choose clothes for a flat figure
How to choose clothes for a flat figure


Step 1

Holders of a flat figure, whose waist volume is close to the volume of the hips, and the chest is small, clothes made of fabrics with large geometric patterns: rhombuses, squares are suitable. Cross-striped blouses or jackets, visually expanding the upper body, also look good on them. As for the style of clothing, you can safely purchase short jackets, wear shirts outside and sweaters of a free silhouette. For summer, light tunics and loose T-shirts are suitable.

Step 2

On women with a flat figure, slightly flared trousers and jeans look good. Remember: skinny and straight jeans, especially darker tones, are best avoided. Pants with a low waist and large patch pockets will also help to give the forms a roundness. Feel free to buy or sew breeches for yourself: they will look very beneficial on your figure.

Step 3

Straight dresses, as well as straight-cut trousers, should be excluded from your wardrobe - they will only emphasize the absence of feminine curves. Wear dresses, squeezed under your bust, made of lightweight, "flying" fabrics. You can safely sew pleated or flared dresses and a-line skirts that visually increase the hips. Short balloon skirts will also help to add volume to flat buttocks and narrow hips.

Step 4

Avoid tight-fitting dresses, especially knitwear. If you still want to have a dress of this style, immediately think about complementing it with suitable accessories: an elegant, thin belt that visually marks the waistline; large beads, drawing attention to the upper body. It is good for you to wear such a dress together with a short voluminous jacket.

Step 5

As for outerwear, bulky jackets, as well as medium-length fur coats and trapezoidal coats, look great on women with this type of figure. If you want to sew a straight-cut coat, be sure to include a wide belt: tightening it at the waist will add volume to the silhouette. It is preferable to choose the fabric not monochromatic, but with a pattern, for example, in the "Chanel" style. A short coat will suit you too: preferably double-breasted, with a voluminous collar to visually expand the upper body.

Step 6

For women with a flat figure, it is good to wear shoes with heels: a swinging gait will draw attention to the hips and give your silhouette a feminine touch.

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