How To Sew On Cuffs

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How To Sew On Cuffs
How To Sew On Cuffs

Video: How To Sew On Cuffs

Video: How To Sew On Cuffs
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When sewing blouses and shirts, the cuff will be one of the most critical details. If it is carelessly cut out and stitched to the sleeve, the whole product will look extremely handicraft. Sewing cuffs correctly requires patience and a good eye.

How to sew on cuffs
How to sew on cuffs


  • Paper, pencil, centimeter and scissors for a pattern
  • Non-woven (or other lining material)
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Needles, pins
  • 2 buttons


Step 1

Finish the side seam of the sleeves, but do not sew them into the armhole. Now you can sew the cuff to them. Do the pattern of the left and right parts with the expectation that you fold each in half and insert a lining in the middle for better shape retention. For a hand that is thin or medium in thickness, it is enough to make a classic cuff (equal in length to the end of the sleeve with an allowance of 2 cm for fasteners). For a full limb (and also depending on the style) you can make a wide sleeve, then fold it under the cuff in folds.

Step 2

Make a lining pattern that is half the width of one cuff. The lining should go over the line by about 1.5 mm. It can be made of cotton or adhesive non-woven fabric. Often seamstresses use interlining.

Step 3

Fold the midline of the cuff, wrong side up, and sew to secure the lining. For convenience, you can baste or pin the seam line and sew over the top. Then remove the threads (pins).

Step 4

Unscrew the cuff and straighten all corners carefully. Iron the part well.

Step 5

Pin or baste the bottom of the non-woven (or other backing) cuff to the sleeve. If the style of the finished product involves folds, lay them on top of the sleeves, evenly distributing them. Baste the bottom of the cuff so that it protrudes 1 cm from opposite sides of the fastener. (If you want, you can make a one-sided ledge 2 cm long).

Step 6

Fold in and carefully iron the seam allowance on the top edge of the part. Sew the cuff to the sleeve, stitching 2mm from the edge. Now put a finishing seam around the entire circumference of the cuff and its exposed loose parts for fastening.

Step 7

Press the sewn-on sleeve piece and punch holes for the fastener. Now all you need to do is sew on buttons that match the color and texture of the fabric - the cuffs are ready! You can sew the sleeve to the armhole.

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