How To Decorate A Jacket

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How To Decorate A Jacket
How To Decorate A Jacket

Video: How To Decorate A Jacket

Video: How To Decorate A Jacket
Video: How To Customize A Denim Jacket! 🎨 | Xavier Kickz 2023, March

Some companies have high demands on the appearance of their employees. Women want to look stylish and individual, but it can be difficult to do this in a formal suit and blouse. You can resort to various ways to decorate your jacket.

How to decorate a jacket
How to decorate a jacket


  • -beads;
  • -application;
  • -buttons;
  • - sequins;
  • -stones;
  • -chains;
  • -buses;
  • -scarves;
  • -scarves;
  • -shali.


Step 1

Even a classic blazer with a strict cut can be decorated so that it looks original. Various ways of decorating jackets are also suitable if you are not wearing a thing for the first season. It may be of good quality, and you would not want to part with it, but its appearance can be boring.

Step 2

You can freshen up your jacket not only with the help of appliqués, embroidery with threads, beads, beads, buttons, sequins, etc. Skillfully selected accessories will become a stylish decoration and harmonious addition to your look.

Step 3

If the jacket is made from a patterned fabric, decorate it with care. Otherwise, you run the risk of overdoing it with bright colors and details. Feel free to experiment with plain jackets.

Step 4

If you have a black, gray or white jacket, any wooden or bright plastic beads, chains of gold or silver color, earrings and bracelets of various textures, graceful or, conversely, massive brooches and stones, will suit it. However, when decorating a jacket with jewelry, rely not only on the taste and degree of compatibility of colors and materials, but also on the format of the event for which you are dressing. For business meetings in the evening, it is better to choose restrained, strict, graceful jewelry, and for everyday wear in the office, you can choose something more catchy. If, of course, the authorities allow such experiments.

Step 5

Scarves, videos with workshops on wearing and tying these accessories. They are suitable for women of all ages and can be worn at any time of the year.

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