Nude Makeup For Brunettes

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Nude Makeup For Brunettes
Nude Makeup For Brunettes

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Brunettes are naturally lucky. They are bright on their own, they can even do without makeup. Therefore, day and evening make-up in the style of "nude", which is fashionable today, ie. natural, as close to natural as possible, they will come in handy. The main rules of natural makeup.

Makeup for brunettes in style
Makeup for brunettes in style


Step 1

It is based on healthy, well-hydrated skin. Therefore, do not neglect moisturizing masks and creams.

Step 2

Choose a foundation with reflective particles, which will make the facial features thinner. Its shade should perfectly match the skin tone. Secure the base with a thin layer of loose powder. This will give the skin a velvety feel and allow the makeup to last longer.

Step 3

For "nude" make-up you need warm colors that are in harmony with the shades of hair and skin. pay attention to glossy satin shadows. Apply them with a dry brush or applicator so that the color is not too heavy and intense. But, keep in mind, such shadows can accentuate fine lines around the eyes.

Step 4

Natural makeup involves a translucent matte or glossy lipstick, you can even get by with one lip gloss.

Step 5

As one of the options for natural makeup, you can try, no less popular today, makeup in monochrome technique. He suggests using the same creamy texture in pastel tones on the eyelids, lips and cheeks. The result is a delicate makeup, in which the main emphasis is on the eyebrows. But their color should be as close as possible to the color of your hair roots.

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